Choosing a dog to be a service dog

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Charlie- Chaplin

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Barked: Sat May 11, '13 6:03pm PST 
I applied for a dog from a rescue for a service dog and was rejected for it as well.

I doubt it was because I had a psychiatric disability, they didn't even ask what kind of disability. Their concern is more "where will the dog go if it gets washed out." They don't want a dog passed around more than necessary. So they are helping their dogs by not putting them in a situation that will have them get attached to someone for maybe even a year and a half before getting washed out and then sent off to another person.

At first I got angry too, thinking they didn't cherish my life as much as the dog's, thinking most dogs thirst for a job to do. But that doesn't mean service work is the right job for them.

To me this is their reasoning. Not everyone can keep a dog that washes out -- most don't. Even my breeder asked me if I planned on keeping Chaplin should he not be suitable for work. Fortunately I had only one dog before Chaplin and know if Chaplin does wash out I will be able to keep him. But what happens when a third dog enters my life to help me? Do I just get rid of my friend? In the end it does boil down to our well-being as it does the dogs' so we may have to sacrifice and re-home the pup.
Crazy Sadie- Lady

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Barked: Sat May 11, '13 7:43pm PST 
I hope you good luck finding the dog that matches you and that you do become a good team together.
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