Mobility task- retrieving my prosthetic

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Abrams Tank- SD

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Personally I dont think it would hurt her to drag your prosthetic to you. She is the same age as my hubby's SDiT Tank and only 3 pounds lighter. I would start out by teaching her to retrieve a ball then when she is solid in bringing the ball to you and giving it to you then start working with one of the old prosthetics that you no longer use. Start out by having her just touch it at first and treat her for touching it, then slowly get her to where she will take it in her mouth. Slowly have her hold it for short periods of time then build up to having her bring it to you from about a foot away then gradually extend the distance that she has to drag it to you. If nothing else fit the one you use with a hole where you can slip a tug rope attached to a soft tug toy through but make sure you can remove the soft rope from the prosthetic before you put it on. Make sure to always treat her with something she likes each time she brings you the prosthetic. Hope this helps. There may be others that can add to what I suggested.
Crazy Sadie- Lady

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Hi Aqwar and her MOM/partner glad to meet you I am not Physically disabled but I do have PTSD my partner is Sadie; she is a Bully breed (Bull terrier/ Bull Mastiff). Sadie taught me more then I taught her Lab are pretty smart I had one as a young teen. But he was a pet too. I have had many different breed pets and just this one SD she is my first bully breed and SD.
I also use her for Mobility: I have trouble walking in a straight line (LOL ) It is like I walk like a drunk lol. Anyway she helps me to walk straight. I also fall a lot she helps me up when I fall.
All this stuff was sorta instilled in to her already (Please for give me I am not bragging ) I am just saying I am sure Aqwar will do fine and I think she will learn fast cause Labs love to retrieve stuff so I am sure she will do great learning that task. and I am sure she is really strong (Sadie is small for her breed and she is sooo rugged.) I have male friends that come over here and play tug with Sadie and she is about the size of a lab(small lab) and she will pull them right off their feet.
She has no problem doing it either and comes back for more too lol. She love that game.
So I think that if sadie can do it Aqwar will be able to do it too. I have confidance in Aqwar she sounds like a really good SD.

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