Fear of violence?

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Barked: Tue Apr 9, '13 9:00am PST 
I wonder if any members have had this experience with their dog?

On a trip today to KALAVRITA a mountain village in the Peloponnese, Greece which during WWII suffered horrendous atrocities from the occupying German forces (Google it and see) our dog totally refused to walk down two streets that are either side of the school (now museum) where some of these horrific incidents took place. Her tail went between her legs, she shook uncontrollably and refused to proceed on the lead pulling me in reverse.

On the other streets away from this venue she was fine.....as indeed she was when we visited the monument and burial grounds where villagers were shot by German forces.

If any actions convince me dogs sense evil....this is it!
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Barked: Fri Apr 12, '13 5:43pm PST 
As I have said I believe dogs have a keener since then we do and it is something that I think acturally helps us and sometimes it makes it hard too with training. I think they see more then we do too. At the risk of sounding weird I believe in ghost and think that they can see and since it too.
I just feel that dogs and children can tell us a lot if we just paid more attention to it.
Maybe that is what your dog is trying to tell you a lot of dogs even have a good since of danger too before it happens. I said a lot about this with dogs in my own forum I think dogs have their own way of communication, getting it as well as receiving it.

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Barked: Sun Apr 14, '13 6:04pm PST 
I wouldn't really know if the dog is seeing ghosts but from what I know, dogs do have highly advanced senses compared to us humans. As there were previous brutal killings done in that specific location, there might be some things she is sensing. Calm her by employing calming scents or applying gentle pressure to your dog's body.

Crazy Sadie- Lady

Im a SD and- proud of it so- there!!!!
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Most dogs are afraid of Violence. I think more so sensitive to it more then a fear of it.
Espeacailly when it is old and supper natural I sorry if this desturbs some people for me to mention but I think sometimes animals just know. I want to tell people this Sadie did not like the Landlord that had an apartment house out back where I live. She did not like his matance man either. The weird part that most really made people stand up and take notice is that she is very friendly and loves everyone even people I question so I was thinking that she would never tell me or had good judgment with people then this happens with those to people. Every time they came around she barked very aggressively at them. I know some of you may I should not be using Sadie if she behaves this way but thing is she only dose it when she is on her run and people come in to her territory and she does not do it when working and in her vest. I have been told a lot he either did something to her or there something very evil about him since I have had other dogs that were fearful that were pets. the thing is that dog (she) was abused by a man but not really fearful of all men. I am sted fast to believe that Dogs have a sixth since that detech evil when evil is there or predesposed cruelty in someone. I have had people back me up on this too.