Summer activities with your SD

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I have a new SDit and i was wondering if anyone can give me advice on how they deal with summer activities. During the summer my family likes to do stuff like go to the amusement park like six flags or to waterparks or the fair etc.. Do you guys take your SD or Sdit to these events with you? Also I might be going to camp this summer and various summer programs. Do you guys have any experience with this type of stuff?
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I'm taking Echo when we go to the Fair, and I've been to Busch Gardens with a SD. They were very nice and let us know where the SD rest areas were throughout the park. If you wish to ride the rides I know Disney (not sure about other) parks have crates at each ride for you to put your SD in if you don't wish to hand him to a family member or friend.

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Whether you can take an SDiT with you to those places depends on a couple things. First, federal law (the ADA) doesn't not give you the right to take an SDiT into public places where pets aren't typically permitted. State law might, though, depending on your state. In some states, only professional trainers can take SDiT's into public like that, but not owner trainers (that's the case in Ohio, where I live). So check your state's laws. Of course, you can always ask them management if you can bring your SDiT even though they aren't required to allow you to do so by law.

Second, how far along is your dog in his training? Will he be able to behave appropriately for as long as you're going to be there? If he is inappropriate or disruptive, you can be asked to remove him, but beyond that, for a dog in training, he might end up learning bad habits if he behaves poorly.

Third, will you be going on rides or in the pool at the water park? You can't take your dog on rides or in the pool. Who will watch your dog while you do those things?