dogs and hospital visits

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Barked: Fri Mar 29, '13 7:59am PST 
just curious but how does one with a service dog or therapy dog get into hospitals? i know there are some programs that do hospital visits and that for service dogs they have to be with their handlers. i just wonder since id assume that they are a hassle to deal with for that kind of thing
Iris vom- Zauberberg

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Do you mean for visiting people other than the handlers in the hospital? Or for accompanying the handlers when hospitalized?

As a SD handler, I've accompanied people to the ER with my SD at my side without a problem. I've also visited patients in non-sterile environments.
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Ive taken sadie a few times in to the hospital with me for apt. and stay overs for tests. I had no problems with the staff. They were very accomadating to my needs for her. I have gone with her when people have accompanyed me too. Not the ER but mostly apt. for myself.

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For Therapy Dogs:

Prior to signing with a national/international program, you need to check with the locations you'd most like to volunteer to see what program(s) are currently servicing them. Some programs will allow you to volunteer with more than one program while others won't.

Once you get your training, pass all required testing and sign with a program (they either certify or register you and the dog as a team and supply you with info on your program benefits such as insurance coverage), you then sign up at the location you wish to volunteer.

Keep in mind that each program has its own rules. One of the more well known programs no longer accepts raw fed dogs. Certain grooming and bathing requirements are pretty universal.