the cold weather

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Work hard; Play- harder.
Barked: Sat Mar 9, '13 2:10pm PST 
Scooter has a variety of cold weather gear that I can mix/match and most importantly, layer, as needed. I'm a stickler for everything looking professional so I prefer solid colors. He has the following:

** lycra body suit (covers everything but his head, feet, tail, and boy bits) can be worn as a base layer or in places where dog hair may be a huge concern
** sweaters (plain neck) in navy,light blue, gray, and cream. Fits under vest.
** fleece "jacket" (velcro at front if chest and waist. Looks like a horse blanket) Can be worn over or under vest/seat belt harness
** Coat fits like fleece jacket, has SD patches. Will NOT fit well under vest/seatbelt. Got his from Jeffers Pet Supply. It's their Breathe-Comfort Ripstop Blanket and it has 600D Poly Ripstop shell with 200g poly fiber-fill insulation and nylon inner lining. The larger sizes have 2 belly bands. His is light blue with navy trim; they have them in a large selection of colors.
** Ruffwear Cloud Chaser jacket. Fits well under his vest/seatbelt and easy on/off. I like it for days where he doesn't quite need a sweater, but still needs a little something. Plus, I can take it off without taking off his vest.

All of Scooter's gear, minus his Cloud chaser jacket, were part of his normal work wear while we were in Korea. Winter over there is brutal, especially the winds. Before we left, I found a Weather Beeta dog blanket that was even heavier; he's worn it several times since we've been back (no velcro, has the buckles like a horse blanket) and I love it too, but the Jeffers coat is still the best bang for the buck.
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