the cold weather

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SD (retired)
Barked: Mon Mar 4, '13 10:03am PST 
so I live in CA and the weather for the most part is really nice, but we have been getting some cool days. Zoey is short haired and has no fat on her what so ever. she gets cold very easily and I was wondering if anyone had this problem. If so what do you do? I have been looking into sd coats, there is really only one that i know is out there. my question(s) are: what do you do in cold weather? if a coat DOES cover the hole belly, does it really make the dog warmer? what would make the coat (if you were to buy it at a petstore) make you sd look more like a pet and less like of an sd? thanks for your input happy dance

Barked: Mon Mar 4, '13 12:30pm PST 
Athena is very thin, and has very short hair as well. We live in an area that most of winter is spent at or below freezing, and occasionally gets below zero. The jackets really do make a difference in keeping them warm. Athena prefers a thick fleece jacket.
Athena hasn't completed training yet, and isn't taken out and around in full service gear yet though. But I would suggest one of two things. Either just get a red jacket and you can put your patches or whatever you prefer on that, or buy a bigger service dog vest/harness that would allow room to go over the jacket of your choosing. But again I am not that experienced, so others should chime in.

Barked: Mon Mar 4, '13 3:49pm PST 
I like all the parts of my dog's working uniform to match, so I just get a fleece jacket that is a solid color or a simple print and he wears his vest over it.


SD (retired)
Barked: Tue Mar 5, '13 12:40pm PST 
thanks guys, I do have I flees jacket that fits under her 'in training' vest and I have been using that, but sometime I don't think its enoff, the one I have just has small straps to go under the belly would it be better, you think, if it closed at the belly, because there is like no fur on her belly you think that will help her keep warmer?

Hoss the Boss
Barked: Tue Mar 5, '13 12:58pm PST 
Hoss has a canvas coat with fleece lining for our cold Iowa weather and when really bad he wears his Chilly dog head warmer.

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The Boy Wonder
Barked: Tue Mar 5, '13 1:43pm PST 
Cozy Horse will custom make coats for service dogs, they even have specialty coats that fit over some harness's so you don't have to take of the harness.
Abrams Tank- SD

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Barked: Tue Mar 5, '13 2:54pm PST 
When my husband was working his former SD Katana a doberman we had to use a coat for him in the winter time because since he had short fur Katana got cold and didnt like to work in the cold. We bought a Fido Fleece for him and it covered most of his belly. He loved it and stayed nice and warm. He would get warm in the stores so we would take it off and his vest was under it. Most places we went know us so they were used to seeing Katana and knew he was a SD

It ain't over- till the fat- kitty sings
Barked: Tue Mar 5, '13 5:08pm PST 
I recommend Lands End Pet Squall Jackets, warm, cozy and washable in solidcolors with a reflective safety strip, you could put a vest over it, they also do personalizations-perhaps they could put Service Dog or something similar on it?
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Barked: Thu Mar 7, '13 8:00am PST 
I got a very well made, custom coat from Canadian K9 Coats on Facebook. It fits marvelously under our working harness, and the strap for the coat doesn't interfere with where I strap his harness Click!
Crazy Sadie- Lady

Im a SD and- proud of it so- there!!!!
Barked: Fri Mar 8, '13 4:17pm PST 
Sadie is a breed with short hair and when I first got her I did worry being in maine and all that. Some of our winter days can be pretty cold, sometimes even below zero. I worried cause her fur was so short and she would get sick, but then that was silly thought since she was bread and born here.
I used her Thunder jacket under or alone sometimes when we are out and about. I used the fabric glue to glue patches on her vest. I am working on making new vest for her by hand and still some of her cards and stuff to help me with her work. But now I realize Sadie does very well with out a coat and actually loves the snow when it dose snow, even when it gets deep.
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