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I have a boxer puppy in training as a service dog canadate.One of the problems I have right now is she wants to play with any dog that wanders to close and seems friendly.For the most part she seems to understand her service dog harness means its time to go to work.Ive been starting to train her to leave it/walk on when she other dogs when shes in her working harness.I also reinforce when she walks on or turns away from the other dogs. any tips on how to train her work comes first?

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My SD is a mix of boxer, bulldog, flat coat, and great pyrenees. But she has a majority of boxer in her. She is very playful, even in her tasks, picking up my keys or shoes is definitely the best game ever, which you will find incredibly useful and a wonderful asset when you don't need to carry treats everywhere. However, they do require more management. This is just something you will need to work on.

Now would be a good time to carry around high reward treats and offer them at a particularly sharp response to a command. Bring your keys, a pen, an extra leash, and if she has a good retrieve ask for that and reward high with cookies

Extra attention on her part towards other dogs or a refusal to perform will earn penalty yards. This can mean different things to different people. Some may refer to it as doodling (but I tend to think this implies a softer approach). With penalty yards, command her attention, walk briskly in the other direction then suddenly pivot and walk briskly in another direction. Let her hit the end of her leash, it won't hurt her you shouldn't be jerking the leash around, just keeping it at your side.

Ask for a sit, down, watch me, anything, and then just keep walking. When she is doing very well, reward high! She worked hard for those cookies! and make it seem like she just made the best thing ever happen.

For playful dogs the consequences have to be swift and careful, not harsh or they will shy away, but redirecting of their attention, and those rewards have to be BIG, but a little hot dog will suffice and a "Brilliant Lady!!" will count big grin

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The best advice I can give you because of her young age is to just let her be a puppy! The serious training can come later. But begin introducing the vest in short spurts when she is already calm. When she is already chilled out put it on, reward her, ask fo ra sit or a down or something simple, reward, take it off, reward. The main thing is to make sure she associates the vest as a good thing. Don't let anyone pet her or let her greet anyone in the vest. If you start it is much harder to correct than to never let it start.

But yes, if she wants to play, let her play. It's better for her to be a well socialized dog that learns when it is and is not ok to play at a later point than a dog who has been told to stop socializing too early and lacks skill development.


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Thanks she has a completly diffrent harness and bandana for when she can do nearly what ever she wants and I make sure to let her greet as many other other people and dogs in it as I can find.I monitor her play with other dogs because as a boxer she likes to play with her paws and I just dont want her to accidently hurt another dog.I also take her on regular trips to the dog park and on play dates and outing.I dont put her in her working harness her a ton yet since she is still a baby puppy but when I do its take her to get use to stuff she will incounter as a full working service dog also all on her own nearly nothing can destract her but afew small things like other dogs that training can over come later on.I make sure to always have good yummy treats for her like hotdogs/tuna fudge for her when ever she is "working" and im sure to capture and reward any good behaior.I keep my clicker and traets on hand when ever we are playing or "working".
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she is 4 months old - my best advice is, go let her play wherever she can and do fun stuff with her. Keep the practice intervals super short. Make sure for her practice is like playtime.
She would benefit from getting to know other dogs for now, socialize, understand packs and individual dogs.
You can work on sit before a dog approaches - be patient.....
You can lure her away from a dog with treats of fun voice or whatever you guys use.
Any second she give you her attention, give her some approval.
The main thing - have fun dog walk

feel free to check out my youtube channel, maybe you can find some ideas there. Unfortunately the videos are not chronological for the older videos.
http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSf1wdOk2y9sIEIXV5i4aQw?fea ture=mhee

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Halo-Master- wiggle butt
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I just need her to learn to come away from other dogs when told because sometimes the other dogs are not very friendly at all and as a pup that has only meet only friendly dog/pups sometimes she dose not understand they do not want to play at all.

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As far as doing fun stuff with her she gets taken out every day(unless for some resion im unable do to illness or she dose not feel good) and I always try my best to make whatever we are doing as fun and awsomely happy to her as I can as I love her alot and want her to be happy and love life.What I expect from her right now is really only basic obedince,continueing her house breaking and working on passing the CGC test together and haveing fun at puppy class.Also simply geting use to her harness and diffrent places and situations.Along with afew other comands for safety resions for me and her.

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These are some pretty lofty goals for such a young dog. If she can do it, then go for it. But if she doesn't seem capable, go slow.

The best way to recall her from other dogs would be getting a dynamite recall in place. Or speed up and walk faster so she has to focus on staying at your side. I don't mean having her hit the end of her lead. If she hits the end of her lead, then speeding up to get her attention isn't working and hitting an abrupt end of her lead isn't very pleasant. I bet you probably want her to continue to have pleasant associations with other dogs, yes?

Another good idea is when you bring her to play groups, dog parks, or where ever she plays with other dogs, put her through a few paces first and release her to play as her reward. It'll build impulse control and focus. And she'll still get to play and socialize and have fun.