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SIR AILBE,- Service Dog

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Barked: Mon Jan 28, '13 4:20am PST 
I don't know where you get your info... My 1st service dog was trained in the same method and NO SHOCK COLLARS WERE USED...

This is the collar that my 1st service dog was trained in --

http://www.volhard.com/pages/the-volhard-training-collar.php NO BATTERIES, ETC.. They also allow Haltis, etc.. for training purposes.

Have you ever stepped in or observed any of their training classes? Well, I have been to several so far and none of the dogs had a shock collar.

So, get your facts straight before telling lies..

Sir Ailbe

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Barked: Mon Jan 28, '13 1:28pm PST 
Wow... some people are a little special. Ailbe congrats I'd have replied the first time around but I think I might have been taking a break from some internet drama and missed it.

It looks like you have a really nice trainer, if they were a little closer I'd look into them for myself (I'm in NC). It's a shame they can't do the ADI cert. but it's good that they have contact with people who do.

Ailbe is getting so huge... and adorable. Happy and I wish you the absolute best of luck and look forward to you keeping us posted.

Jeanene and Happy

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SIR AILBE,- Service Dog

Born To Serve- The Damsel In- Distress
Barked: Mon Jan 28, '13 5:30pm PST 
At least Dogster removed the post... Ailbe had a huge setback with all the drama of my dad and family. The trainer said he should snap to it within a few weeks. I love the idea of 2 hrs for class instead of 1. At least driving that far makes it easier for staying in one place for awhile.

Yea, this one quest thought the training method was shock method.. Heck if she read all the info she wouldn't have said anything...

Yes Sir Ailbe is HUGE!! He can do the brace command now and he's a whole lot bigger and stronger then Shadow.


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Barked: Mon Jan 28, '13 11:21pm PST 
They say they use "e-touch". Now what do you think that is? Google it.
SIR AILBE,- Service Dog

Born To Serve- The Damsel In- Distress
Barked: Tue Jan 29, '13 4:11pm PST 
She might be certified to use that method, BUT she doesn't use it very often.

E-Touch Method™ Humane?

Absolutely. It is one of the most humane dog training systems available. It is more gentle than most other training devices as it delivers almost no kinetic energy into your dog's neck. We use only professional quality collars, invented by Martin Deeley, that have many safety features to prevent accidental injury.

E-Touch Method™, developed by Martin Deeley, "is not a magic method it is a catalyst which can be incorporated within training approaches to train even better. In training a dog we may use food, verbal rewards, tactile rewards, or whatever. The e-collar is a tool that can be added to the mixture to create something special. BUT the main principles of good dog training do not disappear, we stay creative, we do not depend on the e-collar for everything, there is no one best approach, it is not a race to see who can train the fastest. And most of all we work within the temperament and pace of the dog – reading the dog, and by doing so maintaining a true companion relationship is essential. We want a dog that will be a dog, will make decisions, and basically acts as a dog while remaining a partner and companion." –Martin Deeley often."

I asked her about it and its not a requirement for any dog and its an option and not mandatory.

So, just don't assume that ALL of the training is done that way. You just saw that its one of the methods on her site and automatically said -- OH NO.. electronic collars and you plan on training your dog w/ that.... NO.. We already had 1 lesson and I'm using his halt and he's responding quite well...


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Honestly, you can't blame someone for questioning the effectiveness of a trainer that has that particular tool in their toolbox. No matter how benign they are trying to make it sound, it's still an e-collar.

Your singing their praises now (before you've actually used them); let's see if you are still doing it after going through an entire course with them.

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I never said that she or he uses it on every dog. All I said is that they're a shock collar trainer which was correct if they use shock collars at all. And for some reason, my simple statement injured people's feelings enough to report it and it was removed. I'd like to know what rule I was breaking? And how I was incorrect in my statement? What lies was I telling?

Although the personal insult against me was left alone. Strange policies how not breaking any rules gets your post removed and breaking a rule gets your post left alone. Hmm.
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