Force Free Training

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Barked: Sun Jan 20, '13 9:31am PST 
I have a couple questions about force free training. Primarily how you do it. Haha. Mikal is a really smart puppy, but sometimes she can be a little stubborn and defiant. I have a prong collar we use for walks, and I hate using it, but she gets so excited when we go for walks that it's the only way I can keep her from dragging me.

Whenever we do our training sessions, she usually listens and behaves because she knows I have treats, and she heels beautifully at home, but I can't get her to heel worth crap when we're outside and sometimes when we're in public. I know she's just a puppy and excited, but is there anything I can do with force free training to get her to heel better?
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Have you tried the Halti or Gentle Leader for walks? Thats what we use with Tank and he responds perfectly to it. He is so much easier to walk that I can work with him on my right side which is my weak yet dominate side. I fell several years ago and injured my right arm spraining and jamming my shoulder and I think I broke my collar bone that day as well. Anyway the Halti or Gentle Leader either one works just right for walking him and I can walk him and his sister Belladonna both at the same time without worrying about one of them knocking me over.

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Makia, what do you want to know? Are you looking for information on how to train a service dog without the use of force?

For general information, start here:


and, on the same site, you may want to look at:

http://kikopup.com/Dogmantics/Progressive_Reinforcement_Manif esto.html


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I aaaalways take treats and a clicker with me on walks. One treat I've found that Qwigs will ignore everything else in order to get(even small dogs lunging at him on a walk) is kidneys. They're cheap too, just boil them for ten minutes, cut em up and bam, treat heaven.

Also are you taking walks out of necessity or doing them right before you have to go somewhere so you are pressed for time? I usually make sure I have a good slot of time for the walk so that I can train if we run into any training issues while on the walk. That way I don't get too frustrated and pressed for time.