Proud. Frustrated and kinda angry all at the same time

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Abrams Tank- SD

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Barked: Tue Jan 1, '13 11:35am PST 
Last night my husband, my son, Tank and I went to hang out with some friends of ours who happen to wrestle in a small local group. They had their annual New Years Eve show last night which we try to always go to. Tank went because he IS a SDiT. He did really well the whole time. Alerting my husband to his panic attacks and was unfazed when one of the matches which was a street fight got out among the crowd and the guys were bouncing off the plexi glass around the arena. During one of the intermission breaks between matches my hubby went outside leaving Tank with me so he could go have a quick smoke break. Well when he came back in he over heard a guy make a comment to one of the ladies and believe me I use that term loosely, about the fact that there was a dog in the building. She got really snotty about Tank and said "I dont like IT being here either but IT's a Service Dog so there is nothing I can do" When my hubby came and sat back down he was pretty mad and then he told me what he had over heard which made me kinda mad. Later on I went to get a drink and since my hubby was on the phone I took Tank with me and got his portable water bowl out of my coat pocket. I filled it from the water fountain and was trying to give him some water when a bunch of kids WITH NO PARENTS IN SIGHT, swarmed us and started getting in his face. I calmly asked them to back off so he could have some peace to get a drink. They refused to listen. I picked up his bowl and we walked away with these kids following us. I kept telling them to leave him alone and go back to their parents. They wouldnt listen and every time Tank would ignore them I would reward him with a touch or a snap of my fingers or the touch of the clicker. He did great because he ignored the kids even when one of them actually slapped him in the face. At that point I looked at the kids and snapped at them to get back to their parents and leave the dog alone. He is NOT TO BE BOTHERED. Finally one of the groups security team came over and told the kids that if they didnt go away and leave Tank alone he was going to make their parents take them home. One little kid told me that I wasnt training Tank right that I had to hit him to make him mind and had to roll him over on his back to show him who was boss instead of giving him bits of hot dog and clicks from the clicker that I have on my keys as a reward. He doesnt always get the clicker or the treats and works mainly with out them but when introducing something new like the wrestling show last night he gets the treats and clicker. I was sad to say that this child was an idiot. How do you all deal with people like the ticket seller and these unruly kids when you are out with your SD or SDiT?

Tuff Enuff!
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She still has experiences like yours occasionally...but she'd say you did the right thing. Unfortunately a lot of parents these days don't teach their kids manners! As far as the comments made, some people are just flat out ignorant and don't consider how they'd feel if they were in the same situation. Especially since Tank wasn't acting up...it might have been a different story if he had been. When I was 16 my family adopted Scooby and before we left the shelter worker told us some things about making sure the dog knows we are the dominant ones, including rolling him over. It's unfortunate that people still believe that crap.
Crazy Sadie- Lady

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Barked: Thu Jan 3, '13 3:04pm PST 
I know how you feel I have that happen a lot with family and friends and assocetes that I have to deal with. I am sorry you both too have had to deal with people who think they know better.
I see it like this everyone has their own uniquek way about training and having their dog respond
to them. Sadie responds to many diff. methods of training in many diff. ways of her working situation and I do repeat many commands and task directs for her. Everything new has a different reward when she dose it right. Sadie is very amazing for her breed she goes into many different situations and deals with it as she goes. She thinks it out and deals with it I guess I am saying
as though she has figured it out all in her own way with out an aggressive dog thing. I think a lot of people feel that Sadie is that kind of breed that everyone assumes is one of those bad dogs.
I fallow Sadie's leads cause she has never lead me wrong. Most of her training has been form her and I just have been inccuraging her in the positive things that help me. It all goes well for both of us and she learns well with that. I don't hurt her, I don't indues domminace on to her it is genatl tranning and she responce to me. Though some of her stuff she dose I can't train out of her cause people I like and she loves a lot she will jump up to and it is hard to discurage that behavyor. I do have a trainer though that I can work with so I am frustrated right now cause we have not yet worked on this yet. I have been doing many less in curaging methods to discurging her. Many people just use what works for them it is working cause most of it is the same deterent and it works. Many think I am disalouged of this method but it works for Sadie and I.
I have the view that what works don't mess with it. As for ignorent people there is not much there to fix most just are ignorent cause they are just jealouse. I ignore everyone else that make stupid commets. As I said I have had to deal with a lot of family and friends etc. who say or think they know more then I do about training a dog that I will be working with. I spend more time with Sadie then they do so who would know more about her then I or what works.