Another housing question regarding service dogs & ESAs

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Jake and I have been very busy training. He's coming along well in his traing to be a PSD. We are taking our CGC in a few weeks and then our public access test in a month or right after New Years. But my questions come from someone who asked me and I did not know the answer.

1- do you have to pay pet rent and/ or deposit for Service dogs/ESA in pet allowed housing?

2- can you be exempted from a breed ban in a pet allowed complex if your dog is a service dog or ESA?

3- does your ESA have to wear a vest?

I can't answer any these because i paid a pet deposit before ever getting an animal to live with me. I had been planning on a cat or dog at that time so i paid the deposit. Where I live beagles are not banned and he already lives with me. Jake wears a PSDiT badge on his backpack and he never wears a vest.

So if anyone could answer these questions or tell me where I can find these answers to print out it would be great.

Jake & I appreciate your help.puppy

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1. - no
2. - there may, but I don't know for certain..
3. - no
Jake Earned- his wings- 10.02.15

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Thank you jolanda . Do you happen to have sources for this?


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but - a SD doesn't have a wear a vest in general. Check out the flyer on Jolanda's dog page on the right side. It will give you the laws in short.
When it comes to ESAs, they are just pets living with a disabled handler, who (help me here if I am wrong) has to provide a Drs note to the landlord. As far as I can recall (again here, if anyone knows more) you do not have to pay a deposit for those animals.
ESAs don't wear vests, cause they are pets and have no public access rights anyways. The landlord already has the paper filled out by the Dr, so there is not need to mark your dog in any shape or form. You could spray him pink wink
No, but seriously, they don't wear vests.
There are a few people here, who know more - Shadow Walker? I can't recall..
Happy weekend, sonja and the crew
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The following PDF from Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law has loads of information about ESAs in housing.

Fair Housing Information Sheet #6

Right to Emotional Support Animals in "No Pet" Housing
http://www.bazelon.org/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=mHq8GV0FI4 c%3d&tabid=268

Good luck!
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Just to remind you, you must remove the space(s) from the URL above to access the document. : )