Do I really deserve a SD?

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Barked: Thu Nov 8, '12 5:29am PST 
I understand exactly what you are trying to accomplish. While a service dog has given me freedom to be able to do what I can do in my life, I would have to say I still have to rely on therapy and some medication. I can say though, that I feel the amount of medication I take is less because of her.
Your medical team has agreed that a service dog is important for your wellness. This should be a factor in your decision.
After a while family or friends will get the point or just let it go.
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Yeah I relate some of this too. When I first was confronted with getting a SD by my Doc's etc I had just lost the sec. pet dog of my own family that I had raised. So it was not lack of love for animals on my part but of still morning for that, that I had lost. I had so many illnesses that I just got sick of the meds. to counter them. So my doc's told me that a SD might help me, a councelor began this quest and the general doc(med) backed her up. Anyway I broke down and looked and got the dog for SD perpposses. A long list of disabling situations VS meds and SD. I just had to wonder the natual unconditional love of the soft fuzzy four legged kind vs Meds. was my struggle for months till I knew that the thing that had always helped me was the warmth of a body next to mine had always been my calm in the storm. I was questioning it the most cause of the fact that I had lost two pets. I had ed. myself on SDs for a while to know the diff. between SDs and pets. But my Pets were family and SD are still life forms and animals capable of the same unconditional love but serving a perposs. I debated all the time I searched and was pushed in to getting a SD for myself by my Med. Doc's. I decided that it was going to be a better situation for me then the meds. I finally found a dog and made the steps to make the dog a SD.
The fact is the med. fact were proven and I had more then enough disabling needs to award me the use of the SD.

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Any news, Kodiak?
Thinking of you, sonja and the crewdog


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While a service dog has given me freedom to be able to do what I can do in my life, I would have to say I still have to rely on therapy and some medication

That's because a SD is not a cure; it's a tool. A tool that cannot be used to it's maximum effectiveness if the person hasn't learned other tools (be it coping skills, medications, physical hardware, etc) along the way.
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