Service Dog in Daycare?

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Hi all, I have an ESA right now who is a super chill and mellow little Shih Tzu named Qwigley. He's a good candidate for being a SD and as soon as I find a good therapist I'm going to begin to talk to them about having a service dog.

I work at a Dog Boutique that offers daycare, boarding and grooming. Because of this I get free daycare, so he goes there whenever I'm working and also whenever I have a long school day.

If he were to begin training as a SD would daycare be a bad thing? It would most likely only be when I was working but I was curious to know if anyone had put their SD in dog daycare or if it's to be avoided.
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I don't see any problem with having your dog in day care while you're training, unless it is picking up unwelcome behaviors that affect SD work.
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My girls don't go to daycare, but I do dog walks & pet sitting & my dogs play with other dogs all the time. I think it's good for my SD (& SDit) to blow off steam & be a regular dog. That being said, I have to be really careful about who they associate with & watch them closely the whole time they are playing. You never know when play can turn. Or when it gets a little too rough. Accidents can happen in an instant!

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I've worked in a dog daycare, and my SD couldn't go with me because he isn't neutered. I wouldn't allow a SD to run with the daycare pack, or matter how free it was or if I needed him at work. The dogs learn terrible things from other dogs whose owners don't do a bit of training with them the BIGGEST thing is peeing/marking indoors is "acceptable" in daycare.Dogs are always given walks outside but there will always be dogs that mark on everything constantly. There are dogs with no bite inhibition, and it teaches them to have no self control n they see another dog. Its something I would never allow my SD to do/go.
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It's just fine to have your dog at day care once in a while.
My friend, who has a guide does it once a week. A fun day off so to speak.
Sometimes people can't provide a lot of fun activities or dog/dog interactions, which are so essential, so they let them be at day care once in a while.
Sometimes you can't take the dog to work logistically and I think daycare is a good option for that.
Have fun with the training!

Best, sonja and the crew
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Voltaire, I run a daycare and our dogs DO NOT mark inside. There is always someone with them and they are taken out if there is any sign they need to go. They are not allowed to just pee/poop willy nilly. I also take offense at your statement that the dogs learn bad behaviors...again, with proper staffing, bad behaviors are corrected, help with training is one of the reasons many people use a daycare.
We have also never had any injuries or fights, again since there is always someone supervising and playing with them.
We have several guide dogs that routinely come to our daycare and I also agree with the previous poster that it is a great way for a SD to have some time off, so to speak.
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We never allow the dogs to potty indoors, that doesn't mean they don't do it constantly.

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When Mai was a puppy she went to doggie daycare. That was how I did her doggie socialization as there was no other dogs around for her to be friends with and we were now to the state so I had no fiends. I would say check out any place before you take your dog there.