how to train my pup to be service dog?

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i have a lab mix very sweet named sugenite he is 4months but my problem is he likes to jump up when excited and also he whines when staying in one place like the nus need help

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At 4 months, your pup is at best a SD-Candidate. You should really only be socializing him in places where pets are welcome and be working on housebreaking and basic obedience. Once those are mastered, then you can start with short training trips into public places, BUT ONLY IF YOUR STATE LAW ALLOWS FOR SDITs TO HAVE ACCESS.

Those early trips should be short and where you can concentrate on training. The pup isn't focused, you leave and call it a day. Pups have to be started slowly and built up.

Honestly, most people don't have what it takes to train their own SD and should leave it to professional trainers.
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Owner training a service dog is a huge undertaking. If you are sure you want to owner/train, then I suggest finding a good trainer to guide you.

Not only must you train your dog to perform the work or tasks to mitigate your disability, you must train your dog to be steady, calm and comfortable in public.

The Psychiatric Service Dog Society has some information describing Service Dog and public access training.

PSDS Owner-Training Standard

Public Access Standard

It is not something to be chosen lightly. This is not meant to discourage you, but to let you know what you would have ahead of you.

Best of luck to you!


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If you can afford it and your puppy has had all of its shots, take it to puppy kindergarten classes. In these classes you and puppy will get the basics of puppy behavior set in place and have a place to start. Training a puppy to be a service dog is a long road, first you have to let it be a puppy and learn what a puppy needs to learn.