Issues I may run into with a tripod SD?

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Barked: Sun Oct 28, '12 2:25pm PST 
This one is a message that finally made me join Dogster after lurking for years.

I am a service dog partner. My dog is a Border Collie mix, owner trained. I use her for mobility. I showed in obedience and trained for almost 40 years before training my own dog.

I have a tri pod cat, that showed up at my house at 3 months old missing most of a leg. He is 10 years old... so I have long term experience with a tripod animal, as well as a service dog.

There is NO WAY that I would ever ask a tripod dog to be a service animal. Not even part time and not even for Psyche work.

My dog is very, very agile. She is going to be 4 in a couple weeks and in her prime.

Knowing what she has to do to keep up with me when I do errands, attend meetings, etc - there is absolutely no way I would ask a tripod to do it. The slippery floors in some stores nearly take my very fit, very active 4 legged dog to the floor.

If you feel a SD would help you, please look into using a different dog, and let your tripod stay home.

This is coming from a person who HAS experience with a tripod animal and the problems that they have. Early arthritis is just one of the problems to consider. Just having a tripod is challenging if your interested in keeping them fit and healthy. Don't make your dog work for you on top of it. Please.

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Barked: Tue Oct 30, '12 1:52pm PST 
I've been thoughtfully debating as to whether to answer this post or let it die. Trust me, I've had several thoughts about retiring Maddox, but after a conversation with two other SD handlers (both of which are active on Dogster), it dawned on me that since I am asking him to do psychiatric tasks ONLY and I planned on him having an active lifestyle anyway, (which could just as easily cause early arthritis with him jumping and running and playing and doing agility -- all of which he absolutely adores and does on his own) I could use him as my PSD. Some of you may agree, some may not, but he is healthy and happy, and at the point that either stopped being the case I'd stop using in a SDIT or SD role immediately.

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Barked: Sun Nov 4, '12 12:13pm PST 
Well I didn't read all of the post on this topic...but I will tell you about a book I read, this man that was blind and used guide dogs wrote it...anyway he had a golden that was his guide and it did get cancer in its leg. well the leg was removed and after a period of time the guide dog went back to work.
I can't remember the whole story, but anyway the dog loved to work and he gave it a try and the dog worked for three more years then got cancer again.
Soooo I guess it could be done, it would not work for me..but??? dog


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Maddox, there used to be a user here who passed away who worked "John", a tripod BC. This dog did exclusively PSD tasks, as far as I know.
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Since you've decided to use Maddox I would just suggest not to focus on getting him to do unimportant obedience behaviours over & over. My foster Jettsen is missing a hind leg so my trainer says when working "heel" with him not to ask him to sit everytime I stop because getting up puts stress on that one remaining leg and as long as he stops by my side isn't important.

Good luck! wave
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Barked: Thu Nov 29, '12 7:48am PST 
I have a friend who has had two tripod dogs, one was missing a front leg and the other a back leg. Both dogs were very active while they were young but once they hit about 5 years they quickly tired after walking for about an hour or so. While the dog may be successful at performing the tasks necessary for PSD work they simply won't have the energy for long. I completely understand your desire to work with your dog but it might be best to start with a dog that sets you both up for success.

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Barked: Thu Nov 29, '12 8:08am PST 
Maddox has been a fabulous companion, will remain an in home helper for as long as he chooses to want to to tasks. However he is not going to be in public as a SD. Thank you all for helping advise us in this situation.
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