Motivating a dog in training

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we have a dog for our son a masstiff that is 6 weeks from graduation
And she is showing lack of intreats in the task. She has the ability,but has hit a rough spot as we work her more.I need help
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It's funny that you posted this today, because I had an Ah-Ha moment at the dog park yesterday with Tia. Tia is very food motivated, but occasionally, there is too many other exciting things going on for her to focus. We had the dog park to ourselves yesterday. There were some kids playing in the playground next to the dog park & she found that distracting. We worked with food rewards for a few minutes, but she wanted to do other things, so postponed training for a bit. Tia ran around & found a work glove that someone had left. She thought it was the best thing in the world!! It really held her focus & we were able to work on some new activities (yesterday it was going through the plastic tunnels for the first time). So I'm learning that the best motivator is something that the dog picks out that they find irresistible! Try out different toys or different foods to find out what she will do ANYTHING for. For Sita, it's dehydrated lamb lung. I think she would rob a bank to get some.