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Tank and the screaming child

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Abrams Tank- SD

I'm trying to- fill some BIG- paws
Barked: Fri Sep 14, '12 8:57am PST 
Last night my husband and I had to run to Lowes to get a part for the house. The storm door handle broke so we went to get a new one. We took Tank with us as he needed the exposure. Well as we were standing in the check out line this Hispanic family got in line behind us. Keep in mind that Tank was laying down beside my husband who had handed me the leash so he could get his wallet and his VA ID because Lowes gives the military discount. Anyway this little girl who couldnt have been more than 8 and should have known better starts screaming at Tank then started acting like she was going to kick him. Tank looked at her then looked at me then at my husband like "hey mom dad what the hell is going on here?!?" I asked Tank to move and he got up, moved over and laid back down then tucked his tail against his back let. The mother was very rude and made no attempt to control her child. I was tempted to ask her if she would allow a strange child to come up and kick and scream at her kid but I bit my tongue and remained quiet. I was thinking the whole time that she and her family were being very rude and should respect other peoples space. I was starting to stress out really badly myself because I was boxed in. My hubby was in front of me and this family behind me and the registers on either side I had no where to go. But Tank did really well it was like the mean kid meant nothing to him.
Sita CGC- SD(mostly- retired)

When we seeing- the ponies?!
Barked: Fri Sep 14, '12 8:27pm PST 
Good for Tank! Kids can absolutely be the WORSE! I had this little boy follow Sita & I around a store in Vegas. Every time I stopped to look at something, Sita would lay down next to me & the boy would stand a little ways away swinging his leg towards Sita. I kept an eye on him & every time we stopped, he got closer. When it looked like he was going to make contact I turned around & told him NOT TO KICK MY DOG. No parents anywhere. At least he finally left us alone. Sita usually ignores people when they do stupid stuff like that. Hopefully Tia will pick that up from her.

Lolly girl
Barked: Wed Sep 19, '12 8:10pm PST 
Sounds like Tank did very well...I have had kids act like this around Polly and the parent just stands there...I have said to the child in a strong command voice.."you can not kick/hit the dog, go to your mom" and so far I have had no problem, the kid goes running back to the parent. I then turn to the clerk and start talking about how the kid was trying to kick my dog, this seems to embarrasses the parent and they take control of their kid

It has workd so far with out any problem...If I have to I would call 911 and tell the store clerk to get security. The law protects us from this kind of stuff.. dog

Abrams Tank- SD

I'm trying to- fill some BIG- paws
Barked: Thu Sep 20, '12 9:38am PST 
Tank does really well around kids. Amazingly he doesnt seem bothered by the stupid stuff that they do. He doesnt even seem bothered by the strange moving talking Halloween decorations that are up at places like Rural King. He hasnt been in training long but is doing really well. There are times you would think he is an old paw at this stuff. He enjoys going on and working with his daddy. I know it sounds funny but its almost like he knows he needs to fill some HUGE paw prints since Katana passed over the bridge. I am hoping that he will be doing well enough to work some on campus by the start of next years classes.
Czarka, CGC- UJJ

Why walk when- you can run?
Barked: Fri Sep 21, '12 8:14am PST 
Nicely done, Tank! way to go