What to do if I have an access challenge at a flea market?

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Let me start of by saying that I've never had an access challenge before as long as I've had Truck as a SD, or even a SDiT. Not even when I moved into a college dorm (ASU is really good about SDs, if any of you were looking for schools).I don't know why, but I feel like today might be the day.

So the thing is, I was wondering if yall could give me responses to some questions that I could memorize. I don't have a lot of confidence and am really paranoid about just saying "okay, I'll leave."

"No dogs allowed." Simple enough question.
"Well is he a seeing-eye dog?" or "You're not blind."
"Do you have proof?" or "Can I see his papers?" He does wear a vest, so that's helpful.

Thank you!

Also, there's a sign on one of our lecture hall doors that says "Seeing-eye/hearing dogs only." Which I thought was really strange cause 1) There's the exact same sign on the other side of the door that says service dogs only, and 2) People try to bring pets to lecture? Ha. Anyway, I was wondering about how to get that sign changed. Should I just speak with the disability resource center? I thought that maybe I could mention that "seeing-eye" us the name of a program. Any tips about what I could say?

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My response to no dogs allowed would be: He is a service dog and must accompany me everywhere. If they say no he can't be here. Say according to the ADA he is allowed to go places where pet dogs are not allowed because he is a service dog.
My response to is he a seeing eye dog would be: No he is not a guide dog, he is a service dog. He has the same access rights to public places as a guide dog.
My response to can i see his papers would be: Certification and paperwork are not required under the ADA. If it a business owner who asks I would let them know that the two questions they are allowed to ask are 1. Is that a service animal for your disability? And 2. What task(s) does he do for you?
I hope this helps!
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"No dogs allowed." He's a service dog

"Well is he a seeing-eye dog?" or "You're not blind." He is a service dog. Service dogs are used for many disabilities, not just sight impairment.

"Do you have proof?" or "Can I see his papers?" The ADA does not require a SD handler to have proof nor does it require SDs to be registered/certified.

Easy enough to say on paper yes? LOL I get tongue tied too when I get challenged. Is someone going with you? I find it easier to have someone run point for me. Especially if I'm having a bad day. I carry cards that I made that has Sita's photo. The front says "I'm a service dog. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, this person is accompanied by a service dog. A service dog is trained to perform tasks for people with disabilities. Service dogs are working animals, not pets". Inside the card it has the two questions they can ask (Is this a service dog? What tasks does the service dog perform?). It also says "Business may not 1. Require special identification for the dog 2. Ask about the person's disability 3. Charge additional fees because of the dog 4. Refuse admittance, isolate, segregate, or treat this person less favorably than other patrons. A person with a disability cannot be asked to remove his service animal from the premises unless: 1. the animal is out of control and the animal's owner does not take effective action to control it 2. the animal poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others. Any business that sells or prepares food must allow service animals in public areas even if state or local health codes prohibit animals on the premises. Refusal to provide equal access to people with disabilities with service animals is a federal civil rights violation, provided by the American Disability Act of 1990. Violators of the ADA can be required to pay money damages and penalties." The back says "The owner/handler of this service animal is presenting this card voluntarily and is NOT REQUIRED by federal law to do so under the Federal ADA act of the U.S. FAA and D.O.T. This Service Animal and their access to all public places and commercial carriers is protected under Federal Law. For questions regarding the ADA, please contact the United States Department of Justice at 1-800-514-0301. For questions regarding airline activity, call the D.O.T. between 9-5 est at 1-800-514-0301. U.S. Dept. of Justice website: www.usdoj.gov/crt/ada/adahom1.htm Customer Aviation Protection Division 14 CFR part 382". I found this on cards sold by a SD equipment website, but I don't remember the site. Instead of ordering theirs, I made my own & added Sita's photo. I've actually only had to give out three of these, but it's great for when you get flustered & have trouble answering the questions.

Good luck!


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Usually when I go to the flea markets I check into the office and tell them I am there so the staff can field comments and complaints from the vendors and sometimes customers (she ain't blind why does she need that dog in here). Usually the flea market staff are pretty savy but I do carry an ADA brief with me just in case.

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check out my flyer, you could make something like this up - I got the template, if you need.. and the PDF. my email is sohldag@hotmail.com
feel free to use it or make one up yourself. I can do it for you, if you'd like.
If someone gives you a problem, you can hand this flyer and suggest they call the ADA line or the police to report themselves for breaking federal law.
best to you, sonja and the crew

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I NEVER check in with anyone (airlines are the exception) when I enter a public facility with my SD. It sets a bad precedent.

"No dogs allowed." Point at vest and say "Service Dogs are allowed by law"

"Well is he a seeing-eye dog?" or "You're not blind." "No, I am disabled and this is my trained service dog. A guide dog is just one type of service dog"

"Do you have proof?" or "Can I see his papers?" "That is illegal, you are not allowed to ask that." Then hand them a copy of law, I keep a few on hand at all times.

As for the signs at your college and people bringing pets to class, I would definitely have a word with disability services!!