Service dog PUPPY- liability insurance in Canada

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I have a complicated scenario and hoping for easy answer.

I am looking at starting a program to foster puppies that will become service dogs (mobility, seeing eye etc.). The goal of my program is to have the puppies raised in High School settings by the students.

I assume I should get liability insurance for the puppies (just in case, since they are still dogs) However does anyone know a good insurance program for this?

This will not be an add on to my home insurance, as the dog will be "owned" by either the school, or another agency. I am just looking for where people get liability insurance for their service dogs and approximate cost


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There isn't going to be an easy answer for this... and you're going to have to work with the high school (puppy's in training don't have access rights, especially in this situation) as well as preferably a program that already trains service dogs.

While what you are thinking is admirable you're going to have to work with someone Familiar with service dogs before this could even begin to be a reality.

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Happy, some puppies in training do have access rights, depending on where you live.

OP, I'm a raiser but have never had to worry about liability insurance. In addition, the program you're working with will have this figured out already.

It sounds like you are very, very new to the SD world. There are a whole raft of things you need to figure out before liability.


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Puppies in training do have public access rights in some state (not sure about canada) but a puppy in School would not be covered in general public access rights. In school with a student falls under a different type of law all together and the student even has to apply for accommodation with the school, and it's hard enough to get a fully trained service dog in a school. Most schools will look for other resources to assist a disabled student.

Honestly having a puppy in training in a high school sounds like a bad idea all around. Students in high school are there to learn, Puppies in training especially at first are a lot of work and would be a huge distraction to not only the student handling them but also to the other students.

OP I'm not nearly as familiar with Canadian law as I am US law but I do know that it changes from Provence to Provence. You should start by researching your Provence's laws on service dogs and service dogs in training. Then try contacting a local program that trains service dogs because most programs have rules, and structure in place already on how they want their puppies raised. And only then if everything else lines up you'd need to contact the school to see if they would even allow puppies in training in the school with the students.