I met a person today Who was afraid of dogs:

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Crazy Sadie- Lady

Im a SD and- proud of it so- there!!!!
Barked: Sat Mar 24, '12 9:13pm PST 
Today Sadie and I was walking around to the bank and on the way there we passed people working on a place not far form home. This place is a new restraunt to be in back of my home. On the way back I was naturally curious about this new business comming in. Learning that it was to be a food restraunt I began questioning weather it was to be a deli like place or a sandwich place etc. the woman right first off told me I needed to back up cause she was afraid of dogs then began to tell me what the place was going to be like. I informed her that Sadie was a SD, but I did back up at her request. This is going to be a family run business and kids will be there as well as families. This made me a lil unnerved cause they are going to be aware of SD I think.
I am thinking I need to hurry up and make some pamphlets for SDs for this place, cause I have really not had much trouble yet about Sadie and don't want trouble there. What do you think ?
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Barked: Sat Mar 24, '12 11:31pm PST 
you could make cards or pamphlets if you wanted i guess.

If she's afarid of dogs or not she can't stop you from going there with your SD unless for some reason her dog was a disruption. Or maybe i don't quite understand the law?

I've run into people who are afraid of dogs. I tend to walk jake inside a BassPRO shop (large chain hunting/outing store that allows well behaved dogs inside). i've had people nearly dive down aisles to get away from me and jake. Sometimes i don't even notice them right away or Jake is sitting under my feet or at my side while i'm looking at clothes or checking prices on stuff and not even interested in them.

I treat them as distractions and jake gets rewarded when he ignores them.

People who fear dogs can't really stop you from enjoying yourself with Sadie nor should they discourage you from bringing Sadie to that restaurant when it opens. I would just assure the lady that Sadie is friendly and means no harm.

Good luck.
Crazy Sadie- Lady

Im a SD and- proud of it so- there!!!!
Barked: Sun Mar 25, '12 6:47am PST 
I plan to do all that jake it is just a lil frustrating. I then also might not go in there since my friend that is my landlord has her pizza shop and I will feel like I am being dishonest to her. I do that when I go to a different pizza place sometimes. Her husband her run a sorta pizza/sandwitch shop and store each. He does more sandwitches and she does more pizza. I am worried right now about them cause of this new place but I am sure it will be ok. I don't take Sadie in to her store just cause I am just right on the other side. I would take sadie in his store if I am going by there when out and about. He knows sadie is a SD and knows the laws too. He is good about that. I guess I have not done to much out there were there are eating places. We took sadie to wendy's once and Mc Donald's here did not give me trouble and I have taken her in to a couple other stores to go grocery shopping. It is summer soon now and I may be doing some outings with her and my trainer. I am not sure how I am going to do her ID's for emergentcy cards and stuff where that I mean to ID her as a med. SD.


Barked: Wed Apr 4, '12 11:45am PST 
I went to DVM yesterday I didn't know there was a person. That was allergic to dog
hair. She was sweet her answer was get him and the dog out has quick has possible. She backed off. i was at the disabled window. we met outside I told her I was sorry.
She said outside that you need the dog. I can step back. Then said get you get your plates she said no there is a long line, I went back to the disabled window I know them or they know me i explained She got her tags. There was a long line

Work hard; Play- harder.
Barked: Wed Apr 4, '12 1:14pm PST 
The scheduling secretary for the physical therapy office at Ft. Meade's base hospital is soo scared of dogs that it is disabling. The first time I went in with Scooter, she literally kicked herself (in her office chair) as far away as possible and Scooter was a good 10 foot from her desk and was ignoring her until she started squealing then he looked from her to me like "Mom, WTF is her problem?".

While standing way back, we worked out a boundary area. By meeting her half way and sticking to the boundary, she was able to control her fear and get her work done. I had casually mentioned that she was most likely going to start running into more SDs since they were becoming popular with returning disabled troops. She must have taken that to heart; before we were done with all of our various appointments (went 2-3 days a week for 2 months) she redefined the boundaries which allowed us to get closer and actually got to the point Scooter and I could walk up to the front of her desk with me standing between the desk and dog.

I have noticed that the people who really are scared or really allergic tend to come across different than those that are just using it as an excuse.
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Barked: Wed Apr 4, '12 2:20pm PST 
DVM? Doctor of Veterinary Medicine?? Of course there are gonna be dogs there! Silly lady!laugh out loud That's were the dogs go!

The Boy Wonder
Barked: Wed Apr 4, '12 8:11pm PST 
I do believe that Bobby meant the DMV, Department of Motor Vehicles.

That said I run into a lot of people that are startled by my service dog. I've seen a drastic (and annoying) increase since I've been forced to resort to my backup dog who is solid black. There are people who can be startled by the dog... then there are those that are outright afraid. Unfortunately there isn't a lot you can do other than try to be as sensitive to their fear as possible.

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Barked: Wed Apr 4, '12 10:09pm PST 
I get this alot. my poor dog is in her carrier the only reason is she is so small I sometimes worry she will get stepped on, but anyway I have had people tell me they are deathly afraid of her, I assure them she is not going to get out and I am holding the carrier, one women left the checkout counter and refused to ring up my friend, I was standing maybe 2 feet away dog in shopping cart in her carrier? go figure. Sunday was another bad day went to a store to pick up a table, and the security guard told me I could not come in with a dog, I told her SD, she said alright then she proceeded to talk about me to others saying that my dog did not look like a SD to her, and she did go on and on, about how I had no right to be in the store with that dog. it is hard for me to deal with people in the first place, being out of my safety zone, but I just kind of lost my temper, and told her I would rather she did not talk about me as if I was not there!! and that just wrecked my whole day. maybe I need thicker skin. but the next day went out to eat and the staff could not have been nicer to me. guess it is a hit and miss situation.
Crazy Sadie- Lady

Im a SD and- proud of it so- there!!!!
Barked: Thu Apr 12, '12 9:35am PST 
I have heard all that before about people just having a big fear of dogs. Others just don't beleive in SDs even GSDs.

Barked: Thu Apr 12, '12 12:32pm PST 
Pamphlets about SDs are not going to help someone who is genuinely afraid of dogs. No more than someone telling you to just get over your disability and ditch the dog is going to help you. If someone is genuinely afraid of or allergic to dogs, you need to be as respectful about it as you expect them to be about your disability.

I mean, you could lecture my MIL about SDs until you're blue in the face but she could still go into anaphylactic shock if your dog gets too close. More than likely she'll only break out in hives and maybe get a migraine, but still... Respect is the name of the game in these situations.

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