What happens if you get arrested?

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Barked: Sat Mar 3, '12 11:43pm PST 
If you get arrested, does your service dog come with you to jail?

I was just curious. Not that I'm planning anything!
LEK Daphne,- SD

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Barked: Sun Mar 4, '12 6:51am PST 
I've had friends petition their local police/justice/correctional departments to allow their dogs to accompany them in a minimum-security jail. That, however has to be done way in advance of their sentences and so far none of my friends have been successful in their petitions.

Different police departments have different protocols when it comes to a perp with a service dog. Some will call animal control, some will bring the dog to the station and call relatives to come pick the dog up and some will just drop the dog off at the nearest pound (they have to give the pound directions not to euthanize the dog right away).

It's always a good idea to have a friend or family member (or even dogsitter) who can take care of your dog in case of an emergency. There are many possible situations in which you might have to give your dog up for awhile. For instance, you could have a medical emergency and have to have surgery right away (service dogs are not allowed in operating rooms), you could have a medical emergency that causes you to be unconscious for a significant amount of time or you could be arrested.

So, yeah, definitely have someone you trust to take care of your dog in case something like this comes up.

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Barked: Sun Mar 4, '12 7:06am PST 
Most Leo Are not verse in SD laws . Just turn you dog over to someone you can trust. From my experience Dog catchers and pounds do not want the responsibility of taking care of a SD

Crazy Sadie- Lady

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Barked: Sun Mar 4, '12 7:42am PST 
I can see Lek's point everyone needs a backup for their SD. I don't think it is fair that your SD gets puts in jail when they did not do the wrong. The other day someone told me sorta the same story a what if you may say. What is a simeese twin was shopping and one was going about their way through the store shopping and not paying to much attention to the other and that other was shop lifting as they walked through. Now what do you do with them since they are twins that can be separated. If you jail them both then you are punishing one for what the other did and if you don't punish the guiltie one then he is going to keep doing it knowing that there is no consiquinces. I can see the dog being punished for what the owner did all around. I can see the own continuing doing it if not punished. I also see if they did this a lot of theif are going to claim dogs as sd's and use them for chances to escape cause the dog is going to need to releive its self. There are to many good points to this part of the arguement that is letgit.
Maybe a lil different where the hospital stay cause there is still some form of freedom and prision (sinerio there) but still the law is not broken.

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Barked: Sun Mar 4, '12 9:59am PST 
I've had a good friend get arrested and they took her dog to the pound while she was in jail. It was totally awful. Friends tried to get the dog out of the pound, but could not since they were not the owner. Definitely have emergency contact numbers for people who can take care of your dog should you ever be in a situation like that.
Dora CGC

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Barked: Sun Mar 4, '12 10:51am PST 
I have a signed letter on me that states that if my SD cannot stay with me then they are to take the Dog to the nearest Vet clinic with the letter which gives names and numbers of 4 people who will autamoatically give a credit card # to cover costs and allows any of them if possible to take care of the dog Since we travel all over the country as our life I am not sure where we will be at any given time. It clearly states my dog is not to be taken to any animal shelter. I do not plan on getting arrested but you never know what can happen.

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Barked: Sun Mar 4, '12 11:32pm PST 
That's really good advice Dora.

However, it doesn't seem fair or ethical that they impede on your rights by taking your SD just because you go to jail. How do they get away with that? You don't lose all your rights (or your disabilities and need for a service dog) just because you get arrested.
Crazy Sadie- Lady

Im a SD and- proud of it so- there!!!!
Barked: Mon Mar 5, '12 9:37am PST 
Hey Dora that is a good idea to start working on. A few years back I kept getting arrested for the same thing I had already paid on that was not even my fault. I never had to spend the night or anything but still
it seemed to happen to me every 3 years for a while and I had to talk to a sentor I knew to fix it for good.
It was some sorta car volation witch is really funny cause I dont drive, but at the time I did have a car reg. in my name. I guess in maine that means you are responsible for what happens to your car when others are driving it. But still you'd think since I did take responsiblitie of the car being the owner and all that first time when I went to court for the ticket on it. I Paid and then three years later had to pay again and so on for another three years that past. Each time being imbarrist form it though there should have been no imbarristment. They make you feel like you are a really bad person (like you killed someone or something just as bad as that.) My thing was a traffic thing that had been delted with in timly manner but had not been accounted for. So yeah the last time I had to deal with it I did almost have to spend a night
though I did not have a dog I did have children and a friend of mine was with me so I could tell him that he was to take them to their aunts house the aunt helped me out with bail. We went to the court and to my friend the senetor, the senetor fixed it for me that I would have to deal with again and I got a refound too. It was an embarrasing thing to have happen I will tell you that. Since I was taking care of something to do with my oldest child and they arrested me in front of him and as kids go he thought it was funny.
Leave it to a kid to find it funny to see his mom arrested. In that case sinerio I think I would of gladdly had a SD in sted of a kid LOL. (Don't get me wrong I love my babies but at that moment I think I might have wanted to kill him) He though is my child and he wa like 12 at the time so kids will be kids.
I think sometimes Sadie likes to be a mischiff lil pup still and trys to be have like that too.
Sometimes she dose some really funny things and embarrist me so when people say dogs are like kids that can be true. She though has not done anything yet to get me arrested though.

Barked: Mon Mar 5, '12 10:15am PST 
Quote:However, it doesn't seem fair or ethical that they impede on your rights by taking your SD just because you go to jail. How do they get away with that? You don't lose all your rights (or your disabilities and need for a service dog) just because you get arrested."You have remember once you are on the other side of the walls rules change they can almost do what they want to.Its not right but they do it. By the time you can make it right with your lawyer or a trip before the judge.This can take time meanwhile your dog is in the pound your car is towed. the spouse is trying to find you. The lawyer took me home second time the officer that had Bobby in squad car took me home I didn't have the truck with me then.

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Barked: Mon Nov 4, '13 3:29pm PST 
I'll try to keep this short and bullet-ed:

* I had an emotional support animal, "Nalla" when I met "K" in 2004. Nalla was then 8 years old.

* In 2009, "K" and I began dating and living together while raising her then infant daughter "E"

* In July 2010, "Nalla" passed away. I was heartbroken and depressed without my longtime ESA.

* In late August 2010, a mutual friend of ours spotted a puppy coming down the block with her owners and ran to me, knowing how upset I was over the recent loss of Nalla.

* "K" immediately gives in and gets the $75 dollar donation the owners are asking from the bank, which is her account, but I regularly add to and take from. Sage is my new best friend instantly.

*July 2012, "K" and I break up. The details arent relevant, but i moved out and asked my sister if she wanted to move in with me and be my roommate. She agrees, Sage does too and is added on the lease with me and my kid sister.

*Jan 2013- Kid sister goes back to South Dakota for school and "K" and I make an attempt to reconcile and continue co-parenting minor child, "E". We agree to a lease on a new place and add Sage.

*February 2013- I get a formal recommendation from a doctor to keep an Emotional Support Animal. Sage has filled this role from day one.

*April 2013- "K" moves out and is removed from the lease. She moves into her step-mothers house with minor child "E". I am still the non-biological, and only father "E" has ever had, so we continue to have a parenting relationship. Sage stays with me.

*July 2013- I room up with a friend in her condo for 3 months. Life made it so that it was mutually beneficial. She needed money, I needed a new place to live. Sage comes with me, of course.

*Sep 2013- On a visit to "K" house to see "E", I bring Sage. During my visit, "K" is upset that I am critical of her health and she begins arguing with me. Arguement escalets, I call the police on her for impeding my escape from the house. Sage is on her porch at the time the police came because I dont want them shooting my dog for wagging her tail in a "threatening manner". Because "K" injured herself kicking down the bedroom door which I locked myself in while waiting for police to arrive, I WAS ARRESTED for Domestic Violence. This happened on or about 9/28/2013

*9/29/2013- "K" sends me an email in county jail telling me she is filing a TRO and will talk to a friend of mine for me to get e a place to stay when i got out (I was only staying at aforementioned friends house until the end of September). She also says that "She will not keep Sage from me, or any of my belongings. I just want to be left alone. Please make arrangements with "Party C & D" to get Sage when you find a new place.

*10/21/13- Last Day of TRO being in effect. This is the date she can extend it for 5 years if she wants. I dont care, so I dont go. Let her have what she wants, its better for me anyway, as long as shes promised to give me Sage, Im fine.

*10/23/13 - I facebook message "K", having not been served with a new RO and asked her when I could come get Sage. She sees the message, does not answer and blocks me. I message aforementioned Party C and D and its obvious they are with "K" because they screenshot me a copy of the RO via facebook. The mother of Party D sends me a text message saying that ""K" says that Sage is the family pet and she is keeping her. Sorry"

Its childish, and its crappy, yes. The woman lost me emotionally years ago and has been trying to hurt me any way she can. Since I didnt care to fight her request for an Order of Protection, she lashed out at the only thing I wanted back from the house, which I only brought with me for my visit to her daughter I helped to raise, Sage.

Despite this being OBVIOUSLY MY DOG, no one is willing to help. State Agencies are sending me in circles. Cops are jerks and tell me its not their problem. Civil lawyers tell me its expensive to sue and my recovery wouldnt be enough....

Anyone have a solid lead on this? Also, CA State bar association doesnt have any lawyers in their system to handle "these types of cases"... Are you kidding me... in CA??
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