Few more questions and a bit of a rant

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Bouncy Baloo
Barked: Wed Nov 5, '14 7:13am PST 
I have been researching Thames for my next Service Dog and have been impressed with what I have found, so I understand Winchester being upset with Chiqoe.

That, and Chiqoe seems to have absolutely NO understanding of the service dog community in Canada or the separate provincial regulations. As Chiqoe's post was in 2010, Ontario had AODA legislation which DID ALLOW owner trainers in Ontario under AODA Ontario Regulation 429/07. Read the Customer Service Guide at www.aoda.ca The only service dog in Ontario at this time and still which must be trained by an accredited trainer or facility is a "guide" dog under the definition of guide dog in Ontario Blind Persons Rights Act. In 2004 I began looking for my first SD trainer, and at that time there was more than Thames Service Dogs, in Ontario. I used a trainer who trained owner trainers to train their dogs and certified the dog for public access.

Chiqoe's facts are wrong about service dogs and trainers in Ontario and Canada. There have been many changes over the last 10 years, and Chiqoe had not been very diligent in his/her research on the availability of trainers and training organizations through out Canada.

Personally I find that offensive to misrepresent those wonderful persons who do a service by assisting us with our life supporting canine companions.
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