Certification Scams

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Mordecai-Ret- ired SD

Missing my SD- friends!
Barked: Tue Dec 29, '09 10:36am PST 
So I'm creating a page for my website on certification scams. When you see a site that offers certification, what about screams FAKE to you?
Paper work required or lack thereof?
Look of the site?
What else?

Here are some links to site that offer to certify your dog. What about them says FAKE? I have my own opinions of course but I want to hear what others see on these sites.
http://www.registeredserv icedogs.com/
http://www.naservicedogs.or g/
http://www.goldstar-germanshepher ds.com/certification_licensing.html

These are websites that I would actually trust.
http://www.service-dog.org /
Why do you think I would trust these sites?
I look forward to using your responses to update my site. If you would like to be listed as a contributer, please let me know via Pawmail.
Carebear RIP- 1/19/10

Forever my- inspiration
Barked: Tue Dec 29, '09 11:11am PST 
The things that say fake to me would be the fact that everywhere you look there's a way to spend money on the sites. I do love the first one you listed. Go through the "Qualify my Dog"...it has you "verify" your dog meets the criteria by clicking a check box. Next step? Pay them of course for your super labor intensive test they had to perform for you.

On the sites you listed as more trustworthy, they don't show quick answers. Nor do they display a way to essentially buy your dog an "official high quality" ID card. blue dog

Member Since
Barked: Tue Dec 29, '09 11:39am PST 
Any place that offers to "certify" a dog without ever seeing it is a scam. I would suggest not listing these sites because it increases their ranking in search engines.

Harley, SD,- CGC, TDI

Super Service- Boy!
Barked: Tue Dec 29, '09 11:39am PST 
Don't forget about that takeyourdoganywhere.com site.
Omynn SD,- TD, C.G.C

Yes I really am- a boxer
Barked: Tue Dec 29, '09 1:58pm PST 
i've never posted here but read from time to time.

i did rescue with a golden rescue for a while. one of the other volunteers asked me about my serivce dog. she was a young vibrant girl. (19-21 max) i explained the training and such and how fakes make it so much harder for people who truely need Sd's get screwed because of fakes. ect...

she ended up telling me she had contacted a site online to get a 'certificate" for her out of control lab so she could take him on the beach with her. i looked at her and stated my mind and walked away.

i no longer volunteer with that rescue.
Jin, CGC, SDiT, PSD, Assist

Smarter than a- fifth grader.
Barked: Tue Dec 29, '09 2:48pm PST 
Take a look at http://www.usservicedogregistry.org/

They're tryingto bnuild a registry of SDs. there is no fee although thye do offer a nice package for $50US. They also say they are recogonized by the DoT and other agencies, that they have no basis in law. Of all of them they seem to be the most honest and have some sort of goal although I don't know what that is. They even suggest somewhere that you make your own ID card and out your dogs number on it.


Toovy Doovy Doo- Ready and- Willing!
Barked: Tue Dec 29, '09 4:56pm PST 
Certification Scams-If they didn't exist it would almost be funny.

"psst!" a dark coated man whispers out at you from a dark alley.

"hey Miss, you want to register your dog as a service dog?" The man looks around to see if anyone is coming.

"for $50 cash I can certify your dog as a service dog- look, here is a nice certificate- suitable for framing. I'll take a picture real quick- you can have an ID to show so you can take your dog with you everywhere. for just $25 more you can have this service dog vest." The man shows a service dog certificate, an official looking id card and a nice shiny dog vest from inside his coat.

The lady walks on.

The man waits in the shadows for the next person to walk by with a dog.
Anakin, PSD

serotonin- sniffer
Barked: Tue Dec 29, '09 5:19pm PST 
I came across one a few hours ago that said for $300, they will certify your SD and then your SD will be recognized under the ADA!!big laughshockwave
Jin, CGC, SDiT, PSD, Assist

Smarter than a- fifth grader.
Barked: Tue Dec 29, '09 5:25pm PST 
There's a local dog boutique that does that. UNfortunately there's nothing illegal about it.

However we can fight back. I mean how many of us would actually wave some kind of ID card saying Service Dog. So if oyu see one right there you have a valid reason to notify the management or challenge yourself.

Expert Howl-er
Barked: Tue Dec 29, '09 5:40pm PST 
My sense of humor is warped, but I just had a vision of Vince, the Slap Chop guy and a commercial for service dog registration.
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