Apartment charging fees for service dog?

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Hello all!!

I'm new to Dogster and am having a bit of an issue with my migraine service dog Chloe.

I am 21 years old and am looking to get an apartment with a friend. All of the apartments I'm looking at have no issues with me having a service dog, especially because she's only 20 lbs. However, they want to charge a pet fee for her.

Now as far as I'm concerned, doesn't this go against the ADA's laws for service dogs as a service animal is not considered a pet? It's like charging someone to have medication on the premisis. shrug

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The ADA doesn't cover housing. The Fair Housing Act does.

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Scooter is correct, housing is under the FHA and not the ADA. The apartment cannot charge you a pet deposit, but they do have a right for verification of your need for accommodations. This usually takes the form of a letter from a doctor that states you have a disability and that your dog is required for you to manage your disability.

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Check your state renters law. Often is lays out what kinds of deposits can be charged. e.g. in Cal. a cleaning deposit can be non-refundable for the slightest amount of dirt but a security deposit must be returned. Pet deposits usually fall under cleaning deposits. I'm fairly sure Cal doesn't allow surcharges or additional fees for an SD.

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In your letter requesting reasonable accommodations (which should be sent along with a statement from you doctor via certified mail), you will be requesting that they waive the pet fee. Brush up on the Fair Housing Act and include the relevant information with your letter.

How long have you and Chloe been partnered? She looks like a cute dog.
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Maybe these will help:

http://www.justice.g ov/crt/housing/title8.php
(fair housing act)

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I am under the belief that all housing is not allowed to charge anything for SDs.

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Thank you all for your comments! I really appreciate and will have to brush up on my state laws to see what goes on. way to go

Guest, thank you! I've had Chloe since she was 7 weeks old. She's now 9 years old and still a puppy! haha. When I was 18 I qualified to have a SD for my migraines and Chloe was already naturally alerting so I just trained her a few more tasks. She was already well-behaved and amazing in public places as she was a therapy dog first, so really it was just a matter of fine-tuning!

She has been at work for 3 years now and is in no way shape or form ready to retire.