What should the letter from my dr say?

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Tried to goggle this and didn't come up with much. I am going to my dr tomorrow to ask for a letter to have with me for access challenges etc. I assume it would just need to state that I have such and such disability and the dog assists me ?
How specific does it need to be? I am thinking I might write it out for her or print out an example? I probably wont be meeting with her directly. Its a big hmo (kaiser for bay area people) so it will go through their business dept . as a request and then get mailed to me.

Also my disability is something where there is no known cause or treatment. So i have gotten a diagnosis, seen this particular specialist maybe 3 times. She did a few tests and said yep. But its not like a have a long term relationship with her. She did sign my dmv form and give me permanent disabled placard, so i know she agrees that i qualify for disabled under ada. She even recommended trying to get disability since Im not working (stay at home mom) outside the home.

Any advice?

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It depends on what you are using the letter for! Never use a dr.'s letter to gain access to a business! It is against the law for the business to ask for it and they have no right to know anything about your health problems. Letters are only to be used for airlines, rental housing and employment. Or if your county offers a SD tag, then the letter can be used to procure that as well.
Remember that a letter does not make a dog a SD but many businesses think it does. All the gear my dog wears in public can be bought online by anyone. I never show anything that I had to reveal private info to get. My dog wears a SD tag from the county but it says nothing personal. They can't demand that you show them certification, ID cards, or dr.'s letter. A business that does that is asking for a lawsuit!

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i read somewhere - maybe on here

I guess i thought i would need a dr's letter to fight any challenge, like say a place doesnt let me in, or something and I call the police (not that i am very confrontational but knowing myself I am going to want to be an advocate) i thought the cops would ask for a dr's letter or some proof ?

I dont fly ever. I have 2 other dogs, so i wouldnt rent somewhere that's not ok with dogs anyway and I am a stay at home mom for now but I am in private practice when i go back to work, so thats not a problem.....

so therefor I dont need ot have any general letter?

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I would never show my letter to gain access to a business. If they are that F***** up, I won't shop there and they DOJ will be contacting them!

Even if you have two other dogs, the owner of a rental can't charge you a deposit for your SD so a letter may be handy for that. And if you don't fly, you don't need that letter. If you go to a college/university, the disability center may require a letter as well.

If I didn't need my letter, I wouldn't have bothered. The ADA does not require you to have a vest, ID cards, or letters. Many SD owners vest because it just lets them breeze into the store and not get stopped. Imagine having to stop at the entrance to every store you go to and let the gatekeeper/greeter read your dr.'s letter. This would take tons of time, get annoying and way tooo personal! I live in a small city and would not want a bunch of gatekeepers knowing any extraneous personal information. They know I am disabled and have a SD, that enough!

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Like Mordecai said, never ever use a doctor's letter (or an ID card) in a public access challenge. I think you might be thinking of me or someone else saying you should have a doctor's letter in your file so that if you go to court over an access challenge you will have proof dated from before your incident that a doctor thinks you should have a service dog.

The letter doesn't need to say much-- just something like "[Name] is my patient. I support the use of a service animal to assist with [Name's] life-limiting disability". No need to put specifics in. Some people just have their doctor write something like that and keep it in their medical file. Others ask for a copy and keep it in a safe at home (like me). Some docotrs just write it on a prescription pad, others type it on letterhead. The idea is just that you have something dated prior to the incident you are going to court over that verifies you have a disability and the support of your doctor in using a service animal.

Now if you want a letter for housing, it may have to be a little more specific. If your landlord requests it, you have to give them proof that you need the accommodations you are requesting. In this case the letter may need to be a bit more detailed, but you still don't have to reveal your diagnosis and all. Consult with a lawyer or someone who has had to do this before, though, as I've never had to provide such a letter for housing.

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Killer, aren't you receiving your dog from a program? If so I think the only time you might need a letter is to apply to the school.

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thanks so much guys!

Yes i am still going through canine copilots - if this dog makes it smile He is in training but still going through some assessment of weaknesses. Looking positive though.

I guess i will at some point go and get a generic, my patient has a disability and i support her use of a service dog letter, just to have on file.
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There are 3 reasons why you would need a doctors letter and it should ONLY be used in one of these three:

1) To gain approval to have the dog at work
2) To have the dog in no pet housing
3) To fly if you have a PSD or ESA.

For anything else, so letter is needed and one should not be used!

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What about showing proof of need when fund raising for your dog?
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Simply put :that you need the dog for to make your life qualty better.
That you are diabled so that the dog would make your life easyer to get around etc.
My doc. just said that the dog would help make my life a lil easyer and that I needed it to make my life better.