Wal Mart wants to change the ADA!?!

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Harley, SD,- CGC, TDI

Super Service- Boy!
Barked: Sun Jul 6, '08 9:17am PST 
I was in Wal Mart yesterday, and out of curiosity, asked the cashier if they many SD teams in the store. It won't be all that long until I will be one in the store and want to judge the climate so I will know what I'm in for. Her first response was "What? Blind dogs?" So, I briefly explained that a service dog is a dog that mitigates any disability. She said, "we see one or two a week. But not for much longer." She said it was against Wal Mart policy for ANY animal being in the store. She also said that, "we have food. It is unclean for animals to be around food. You know, like restaurants". I told her that the ADA is federal law and SD teams have access rights everywhere, including restaurants and Wal Mart. She wanted to know why I was asking, and I explained that I have a SD in training who will soon be with me. She said, "You aren't disabled. You can see, you can hear, you can walk. You don't need a SD". I then explained that many people have invisible disabilities that SDs alert to and allow the person to be independent and able to function. Then she says, "What ever, that doesn't matter anyway. Wal Mart is challenging the ADA in court and we will have it over turned so NO animal is allowed in the store." To that I said, "Yeah, not gonna happen."

Now, my commentary.....

1st...my dogs are cleaner then over half the hilly billy hicks in my wal mart.

2nd...My state gives protection to SDIT, but I will not take either of them in until the final stages of training. Not until they have their CGC and are just about ready to come out of "in training"

3rd...Wal Mart's a big company, but able to over turn the ADA, I doubt it.

To err is human,- to forgive is- canine
Barked: Sun Jul 6, '08 9:29am PST 

This is a very disturbing that Wal-Mart would even challange the the ADA.confused

If I recall (and I don't remember the exact details) but...I recall a case where a person brought their service dog into Wal-Mart and they were told to leave because the dog was "too small" to be a service dog. The dog had its vest and everything. I am happy to say that the SD won its case against Wal-Mart. I even think that the employees had to take a class on SD's?

This bothers me to no endthinking

Super Silver- Service Spoodle
Barked: Sun Jul 6, '08 7:30pm PST 
I'm not sure I'd trust a WalMart employee to know what's going on in the courts with WalMart. I doubt they're trying to change the ADA. But I do know that they have had a lot of issues with service dog access in some stores. Some stores are wonderful and welcoming to all SD teams, but other stores seem to be a real nightmare with access.

Harley, SD,- CGC, TDI

Super Service- Boy!
Barked: Sun Jul 6, '08 9:39pm PST 
I don't necessarily think that Wal Mart is trying to change the ADA, but I have a feeling something is going around, even if it is only on a local level. Buried in all rumors is a seed of truth. Now, I know what the climate is in that store.
Addy, CGC

Let's go for a- walk!
Barked: Mon Jul 7, '08 5:47am PST 
WalMart is in general a pretty socially-irresponsible corporation, and they do think that they are above the law. And because of what they pay and how they treat their employees, they often aren't getting the people who could get jobs elsewhere.

They hire the cheapest possible labor they can, and they punish them for thinking beyond the limits of their employment, and they give them simple rules like "absolutely no animals" and don't tell them that the law requires that some animals be allowed.

This tells you about Walmart corporate attitudes as filtered down to their lowest level of employee. Walmart will ignore the ADA if they can get away with it--and not just on the subject of service dogs. When they encounter someone who is able and willing to fight, they lose.
Nalla - CGC, TDI, Service Dog

Barked: Mon Jul 7, '08 6:28am PST 
I've had many problems with Wal-Mart, so much that I simply stopped going and go to Target instead.
As for dogs being unclean- I was bored in bio lab and ran some fun little bacteria growing tests. My dog's feet are cleaner than my shoes. Teehee. Guess Walmart shouldn't allow people with shoes either! (However, that's not saying much for my dog... my shoes are really old and beat!)
Kipopo - CGC

Kiss dah grrrls- and make dhem- whine
Barked: Mon Jul 7, '08 7:49am PST 
confused awwww Walmart - they've closed down so many small businesses, push their religion and beliefs on everyone, sell
junk. They make me sick! Literally!!!! (Those nasty germs
all over their carts!!!) silenced

Miss Tiny H iny
Barked: Mon Jul 7, '08 7:53am PST 
Well........I don't see a "fight" happening any time soon.....however....
WalMart IS the company with all the necessary components to
TRY this......They've got the $$$$......they've got the necessary
"character qualities"......that is to say.....they are arrogant....they
are cocky.....they think they are above the law (as has been
previously stated).....not to mention they are "heavy handed".....

If you've ever read the article about vendors with interviews FROM
vendors.....about HOW WalMart FORCES those low prices from
their vendors......it is NOT a "pretty sight". Actually, it turned my
stomach and my thoughts about WalMart changed that very minute.

So they've got ALL the necessary components to "give this thing a
whirl"........HOWEVER........they forget that no matter which route
they take to try to CHANGE a Federal Law......they are up against
such groups as us AARP'ers........Veterans of Foreign Wars and
any and ALL major groups that would have a MAJOR INTEREST
in any and ALL negative changes to this law. And then throw in
EVERY individual disabled person WITH an SD and their family and friends and coworkers......THEY ALL VOTE. And THAT voting block is MUCH larger than the number of individuals that RUN WalMart..... from the Board of Directors to the CEO's secretary.

And what is WalMart gonna do if they try and FAIL ???? Threaten to move every WalMart out of the country ???......big laugh...... They got their billions FROM this country and I can't see them maintaining those billions from being everywhere else BUT here.........tho ya
never know.

WalMart is NOT consumer-friendly anymore.

Not that I have anything against beer / wine.......I don't......"Wine is so fine"....applause.....(Arbor Mist Exotic Fruits) .... However.....Sam Walton DIDN'T want alcoholic beverages sold in his "family store" and for decades they weren't......until very recently.

Can't you just see old Sam rollin' in his grave.....yelling...."Get that
beer truck outta here !!!!".........big laugh

little angel

Member Since
Barked: Mon Jul 7, '08 8:19am PST 
Keep in mind Wal-mart is selling food items so they probably don't want any animal in or near the food. All animals carry germs or illnesses even dogs. I think any store that sells food products shouldn't allow dogs, even service dogs. I don't know why they are challenging this but if it is a health thing I support it if not than I don't. My question to the OP is do you have more evidence something written in stone or something or do you have what this one person said? I love Wal-mart it's one of my favorite places to go. A one stop shop for everything. I know a lot of people don't like wal-mart but i don't know what we would do without it. In my opinion this was just an employee who didn't want to be bothered with your questions

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Harley, SD,- CGC, TDI

Super Service- Boy!
Barked: Mon Jul 7, '08 8:27am PST 

First, Service Dogs are allowed in ANY public place. This includes restaurants, grocery stores, etc... A service dog is doing work which allows the handler to live as normal of a life as possible by mitigating a disability. Dogs are not dirty if cared for properly and are no more a germ issue then you or I.

As for proof....did you read the whole thread? Did you read the question mark in the title? I didn't say that they are in court. But, I do believe there is a thought in someone's head, even if it is just the managers at my wal mart. But, that's how this junk gets started.
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