Migraine Service Dogs

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Always happy
Barked: Tue Oct 30, '07 3:22pm PST 
I would like to meet and correspond with anyone who has a.migraine service dog

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♥- ROXI- ♥

Devil- Dog
Barked: Tue Oct 30, '07 3:58pm PST 
i suffer from migraines terribly. incapacitating ones. i take imitrex nasal spray, works wonders. the imitex works instantaniously.

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Wag more, bark- less.
Barked: Tue Oct 30, '07 5:47pm PST 
Wings, my previous SD, alerted to migraines- she would start acting different when one started coming on and while it was useful, it wasn't her primary task- just a bonus.

I'm going ot teach Mal to retrieve meds (when I have a migraine, leaving bed to go find meds and water is excruciating) but it's a pretty low priority.

Disabling migraines must be quite unusual. I think I would take an icepick to my skull if I had them more than once or twice a month!


Barked: Wed Oct 31, '07 7:44am PST 
I personally do not have any experence with migraines, but a good friend does. When she gets them, she is completly disabled. Unable to drive, go to school, go to work, bascically even leaving bed is a major undertaking. Having a dog that can alert to these, just like a diabetic alert dog or a seizure alert dog alerts their handler so that they can take the necessary steps to ensure their safety and/or continuing ablity to function by taking the apporpruate medications.

That is awesome that you have a dog that can help make your life more liveable dispite a disabling condition!

Sarah and Marley

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To the OP, I wish you all the best in finding the information you are looking for.

Some of you may notice that a few posts are missing from this thread. I hope that I was able to get rid of them quickly enough before someone was needlessly offended. I'm shocked at the level some people will stoop to to discredit and insult other members for a simple question. Just a reminder of the Community Guidelines, as it is apparent that some of us forget them now and then.

I would STRONGLY encourage ALL members to re-read the Dogster Community Guidelines and remember that they apply to ALL members ALL of the time. They really aren't that long and shouldn't take more than a few minutes of your day to browse through them.

"This site is for the love of dogs. It is about caring and support. It is about fun, friendly and informational sharing of our passion for our furry friends. There is no shortage of places on the internet to fight, scratch and snarl and we thought it was high time to have a place that was all about the kindness and fun of sharing and communication. If you're used to other online communities, you can pull your claws in and stop growling, you'll find it's a fun, friendly place. Conversely, take the time to be nice here! It's well worth the effort."

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Rosalita Lola "Rosie"

Love is never- being told you'- naughty!
Barked: Wed Oct 31, '07 8:42am PST 
I too have migraines very badly (I used to have them all the time but not so often now). Most migraines start with flashing lights around the eyes.

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♥- ROXI- ♥

Devil- Dog
Barked: Wed Oct 31, '07 8:46am PST 
Gio, i appreciate what you are saying but i think some people got upset about the fact that some (NOT just the OP) want a SD for just about everything stressful in life.shrugshrug that was my take on it anyway. though i didn't see the posts that got removed.

roxi, *not trying to casue trouble*
Rosalita Lola "Rosie"

Love is never- being told you'- naughty!
Barked: Wed Oct 31, '07 8:51am PST 
I certainly wasn't saying anything against the OP. I love that little Rosie hug but have to agree with Roxi.

The best things- come in little- packages
Barked: Wed Oct 31, '07 8:53am PST 
Roxi - I think the point is that this isn't an appropriate place to discuss that topic, as its neither fun, friendly, nor informative, especially when it has nothing to do with the thread topic. In general, it is not fun, friendly, or informative to question someone's illness. People go through enough hardship having an illness in the first place. I think the last thing people need is to be questioned on Dogster, of all places, where we are supposed to be supportive of one another and each other's dogs.

This thread has been seriously hijacked when a person asked an innocent question.

Work hard; Play- harder.
Barked: Wed Oct 31, '07 10:08am PST 
I've already told the OP this, but it is worth sharing for those who think it is a joke.

That is Scooter's job. He detects them in the prodrome phase (before I get an aura). This is generally about an hour before the aura hits. In my case, the aura can last half an hour to mere minutes to on occasion not at all. I can't take Imitrex or any of the preventatives. I'm back to old school meds (caffergot, Promethazine, and narcotics). In my case we aren't talking about a little bit of a headache, but something that goes from no pain to literally blinding and make me want to blow my brains out. I've been in a bad cycle of them, so I've been averaging more than ten a month over the last 8 months and have had to go to the hospital ER for major meds and fluids 5 or 6 times.

So, yes, they affect my quality of life.

Scooter's alerts mean I can drive without fear. He has given me my independence back. I no longer fear going off by myself (without another person). Before Scooter, I have been stuck in parking lots waiting for someone to come pick me up to take me home because I couldn't see to drive. Now, he alerts, I take a dose of caffergot, and we generally start heading home. If he starts getting more insistent, I head home sooner. If he thinks a headache is proceeding much faster than normal, he has no qualms with stopping and refusing to go anywhere but the car. The few times he has done that has been a couple of the headaches that have landed me in the ER.

He has also been trained to retrieve my cell phone and my purse (where I keep meds), as well as some tasks more commonly associated with a hearing dog. The narcotics can knock me out. He wakes me up if my cell rings (certain ringtone that99% people wouldn't think of having), the smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector, oven timer, or a knock on the door. He can also go fetch family members by name.

He detects my sniffing at my head. He can smell some changes from the ground, but to fully utilize the nose, he wants to go to the source. If he is on the ground, he has been taught to signal me to pick him up. He sniffs and either alerts or gives the 'all clear' sign. I then put him back down.

If the headache proceeds to the point I go to bed, he snuggles and doesn't move except to tell me it is 6PM (his evening meal and the time I take meds) or if he really needs to go potty. If I'm in the bathroom puking my guts out, he will lay down touching my leg.

I'm the first to admit, I'm stubborn. I get tired of having to lay down in a dark room with ice packs, feeling like the walking dead. I will, at times, try to stay up, generally piled up on the couch with the room darkened because I want to spend time with my husband. Scooter lets me know if I'm overdoing it in my quest to have a normal life.

He's a smart little guy that likes a challenge so continued learning keeps him stimulated. Retrieving a bottle of pedialite is next on the list of things I'd like him to learn. It would have to have a strap on it (and the fridge) but he could do it.

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