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Hi I'm Scout,- can I lick your- toes?
Barked: Mon Apr 10, '06 4:56am PST 
Hi you guys,

I thought I should let you know how boot camp is going. I didn't
really like it here the first two days, my mommies told me it would
be good for me but I missed them alot. Now that I've gotten to know
Chris, Brenda and Carrie I like them. Especially Chris, he takes me
to lunch with him, to the front office and he shows me how to be a
good member of his pack. I like being a pack dog, it's so much
easier than trying to be the leader all of the time. The other dogs
here are pretty fun too, we don't get to play much because we're so
busy learning how to be good for our mommies and daddies.

My bed is kinda hard and my toys are different but I don't really
mind. Chris is teaching me how to walk with mommies wheelchair, I
like that better than when he's standing up walking too. I'm
learning how to stand with mommie instead of sitting or laying down
all of the time. I like this too because then people don't step on
my tail (ouch!). Speaking of my tail, Chris seems to think that I
need to have my bottom and tail touched all of the time...I hate this
but Chris seems to think I like it. Soooo I have to put up with it,
cause he's in charge.

At first, when Brenda and Carrie started working with me, I thought
they were fun and wanted to play. DUH, their my pack leaders
too!!!!! I found that out pretty quick so now I do what they say
too. Will I ever get to play again???? I know mommie will let me
when I get back home.

Oh yea I almost forgot, I'm learning how to follow mommie when we go
through doors and stuff, that's called "back" that way my toes don't
get smushed. Chris hasn't smushed my toes once, I sure hope he
teaches mommie how he does that!!! The bad news is that I have to
stay here until next week, the good news is that I get to have fun
with Chris and Brenda and Carrie and learn more tricks. Then when I
get home I can show Bubba next door how smart I am.

Chris promises that if I'm real good I can go everywhere with mommie
and I won't have to stay in the van so much. I cant' WAIT I think I
can help her out alot in those stores. Especially when she picks out
my toys and food and stuff.

Oh yea, Chris told me that mommies are gonna have a birthday party
for me when I get home too!!!! I was really bummed when I had to
spend my 1yr birthday here. But I guess this is a pretty big present
since I'll get to be mommies constant companion after I'm done here.

Love & Peace,

Sabrina- 2000~2012

To break- injustice we- must break- silence
Barked: Mon Apr 10, '06 7:50am PST 
It sounds like you're learning a lot! I'm sure you will be a perfectly behaved pup when you get home! Keep us updated on your progress!