Inconsiderate person sneaking dog on train!

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Sabrina- 2000~2012

To break- injustice we- must break- silence
Barked: Sat Apr 8, '06 8:27am PST 
Yesterday we went into the city to meet my mom who is in town for a conference. We had to take BART (subway train) to get there. When the train arrived, I was happy to see it was pretty much empty. Well, I got on the train and sat down in the seats for disabled people and put Sabrina in a down stay. Then this lady gets on and she has.... A DOG IN A LAUNDRY BASKET! I'm not talking a tiny dog that fits in a carrier, either. I'm talking a probably 20+ lb dog that is too big to fit into any dog purse type thing I've ever seen (he looked like a jack russell but was bigger than any I've seen). The laundry basket is one of those pop up mesh ones, so the dog could get out easily. So not only does this lady have a 20+ lb dog in a mesh laundry basket... she also chooses to sit right next to me!

So Sabrina is in her down stay and the lady comes over, sits right next to me and SETS THE LAUNDRY BASKET IN FRONT OF SABRINAS NOSE!!!!!!! I was so pissed! So of course I had no choice but to get up and move to another seat. When I got up the lady gave a halfhearted "oh, sorry" but stayed there in the seat for disabled people while I had to go get into a regular seat (which isn't really that hard, but look, I have a SD so shouldn't I get preference in the disabled seating over a lady with a dog in a laundry basket?!).

Sabrina did OK, she walked away from the dog in the basket no problem. But then the train started and I guess the lady hadn't thought that the BART train is scary to dogs so her dog started whining like crazy. I'm talking loud whining, and this stupid lady doesn't seem to see anythign wrong with it. Well, maybe she couldn't hear it because she had headphones on... all the better to ignore your poor scared to death dog with I guess. All the whining was making Sabrina really nervous so I worked a lot on watches with her while the dog was on the train. Thank goodness they were only on for three or four stops!

Now I don't really have a huge problem with people with small dogs in proper carriers taking their dogs on the BART train. Or even larger dogs in those plastic airline approved carriers would be OK. If the dog is contained so it can't get out and if the dog is OK with being on the train I'm not too worried about it. But this dog was in a mesh laundry basket and was obviously terrified of the BART train! And the lady was extremely rude to sit right next to us and put her dog in Sabrina's face, especially when there were plenty of seats on the train!


(thanks for letting me vent!)
George- Underwood

Barked: Sat Apr 8, '06 11:29am PST 
Sabrina some people have neither class nor common sense...I'm glad you got this off your chest!
Sir.- Tuxanawlden- SDIT

The Heir
Barked: Sat Apr 8, '06 2:27pm PST 
Sabrina, I would have told the train conductor (or some other authority on the train...) that this dog had interfered with you and your service dog (if they truly did, like Sabrina lost her focus or it caused an anxiety reaction in you) - then it would have been a crime. Personally (because of my disability, Cerebral Palsy) I would construe me being forced to move seats as interference, not sure if you would - it would have to be related to your disability. (Anxiety attack would count, in my book...)
But the question is, was the handler invisibly disabled herself? Then that would change the playing field when you went to report them. SDs are trained to ignore other dogs (I know Sabrina is working on that and why she is struggling, please don't be offended) and so technically, I'm not sure why you moved except for the reason of Sabrina, which is a large reason and permission in my book to move.
As to her murmuring "oh, sorry" that could be her downfall when you report her as to her justifying invisibly disabled/faker. I am aware that when you make a person move you generally murmur sorry, especially if you did not mean to, and I probably would too, but yet there is this idea that if you have a service dog and you sit down, and another service dog handler moves, you either chock it up to their choice and don't or you murmur sorry to be polite.

Then again, you generally don't transport a service dog in a laundry basket ... heh. Generally you are pretty open and forward with them if they are true, hiding them if you are faking.

I find it funny that a lady is willing to carry around a 20+ service dog in a laundry basket when she has every right to get it out of her arms and let it walk on a leash.

Was there other "disabled" seating available? Then she definitely interfered with your service dog, and the dog in the laundry was a bonus.

Stupid fakers, they're hurting us all.
Tux & Big Sis


Loved Furever
Barked: Sat Apr 8, '06 3:33pm PST 
What a jerk!
Sabrina- 2000~2012

To break- injustice we- must break- silence
Barked: Sun Apr 9, '06 8:36am PST 
Tux, I should have added that on our BART system dogs are allowed if they are "properly contained". I take this to mean like an airline bag, but apparently a mesh laundry basket also works!!!

So yeah, I highly doubt it was this person's service dog!

The thing about BART is that it is kinda hard to find anyone... There's only the driver in the front (locked and closed off) part of the train and then the ticket agent at the coutner upstairs. So I dont know how I would have complained about her unless if I followed her out (and I didn't wnat to be late meeting my mom).

There was other disabled seating available... the only reason I moved to a regular seat instead of a disabled seat was to block the view of the dog from Sabrina to make her focusing easier. With all the whining that was going on (from the other dog) she was definatley having a hard time of it.

And anytime I've ever been anywhere where there is another SD team I always tell the other team that we are there (if it's a blind handler) and then try to keep a respectful distance so that we don't distract the other dog. Even if Sabrina could completely ignore any and all dogs, I still wouldn't sit right next to another SD team if there were other seats available because you never know if you would distract the other SD, and that's just plain rude!

I think if anything like that ever happens again I will tell the person that it is rude of them to do that... Maybe then they'll actually realize the world doesn't revolve around only them!

Me LOVE you!
Barked: Sun Apr 9, '06 9:04am PST 
Suzy: I think Sabrina should have just eaten the dog and been done with the whole entire thing!!

Cinnamon: That's cannibalism Suzy, Sabrina is a lady.

Honey: (clearing throat importantly) Oooooooooooo oooooooooonce, twiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice, threeeeeeeeeeee times a laaaaaaaady

Suzy: (clapping her paw over Honey's mouth) Stop that Honey, this is serious business, no place for singing!

Baby Johnny: (making a face) m-me vawy serious.

Suzy: We're talkin' 'bout our best friend Sabrina with the beautiful toe nail polish!

Cinnamon: Suzy, dear this isn't about her nail polish!

Honey: aaaaaand Iiiiiiiiiiii loooooooove Saaaaaabrinaaaaaaaaaa!

Beatrix: Sabrina has a point about handicap seating for those who really need it. What if Sabrina's mother had been forced to stand. I would be very sad about that!

Baby Johnny: (starting to cry) me sad too. (wipes eyes with tail)

Honey: (still singing) Iiiiiiiiiiiiiii loooooooove Saaaaaaaabrinaaaaaaa

The Fun Loving Five
Sabrina- 2000~2012

To break- injustice we- must break- silence
Barked: Sun Apr 9, '06 9:21am PST 
Beatrix et al, you're awesome! Always know how to put a smile on my face!
Thomas- Pickles

Who, me?
Barked: Sun Apr 9, '06 8:34pm PST 
Bol Beatrix!
Dodger Doodlenski

Are we gonna- learn something- new yet?
Barked: Mon Apr 10, '06 8:29am PST 
Sabrina, I had that happen to me at a mall.....well kind of the same thing. Me, mom and dad were walking along going towards one of the stores with my all time favorite ride (escalator) in it. Suddenly I felt something by my tail so I turned my head around to look. Which tugged on my leash so mom looked to. Some jerk of a women and her friend thought it would be funny to sneak up and pull my tail because they thought that mom was blind and deaf and therefore would never know. Well when mom saw her put her hand on me she said really loud "That's NOT a good idea for all you know she could turn around and bite you. Besides that she is NOT to be pet as she is working." Well the lady and her friend quickly walked away but they were LAUGHING the whole time. Mom was soooooooooooooo mad I had to help her because she started having an anxiety attack over it. She knows I have never bit anyone but she also knows that I do NOT like having my tail pulled or tugged on. All she kept saying was "Thank god Dodger didn't turn on that (inappropriate word inserted here so I can't say what mom called the lady). She may know that I have never bitten anyone but she knows very well that I COULD bite under the right circumstances and always tells people(especially little kids) that.
♥- Taffie- ♥

Puppie pot Tummy- Tickler
Barked: Mon Apr 10, '06 8:41am PST 
my mommy and daddy have been on that BART and it is pretty loud. How rude of her to put her dog 1. in a laundry bag instead of a proper carrier ana 2. right in front of you dogs nose. How rude!!!

Good job Sabrina for staying focused!!

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