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Jaydens- Rowena,- SD-c, PAT,- CGC

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Barked: Wed Mar 22, '06 8:55am PST 
Hello all... my computer has not been working for a few weeks so I have been checking my email from my friend's house when I can. Rowena and I have been hard at work with time to play. Mud season has added some extra showers in to the week, much to Rowena's dismay. I would like to recieve my email at my only working email address: helgerquest@msn.com. I have not been receiving posts from this dogster group and miss reading up on everyone.
Sabrina- 2000~2012

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Barked: Wed Mar 22, '06 11:30am PST 
Hey there, I've missed you around!

If you need to change your email address with dogster in order to get the group messages to go to your email, go to your "my account" page and go to 2. update your human information.

Or you can always just read the messages on the group page!

I hope your computer troubles get fixed soon!