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Barked: Thu Mar 16, '06 2:10pm PST 
This is Colyn's M.P. here. Until recently, I had no idea there were so many service dogs. I thought it was basically just seeing eye dogs. Then I learned about all the other things dogs can help with. I figured, these are dogs that only do this one job. Then I learned that so many service dogs also do agility and showing, etc. How exactly does it work if the person who needs the service dog is also acting as the handler and then has a seizure, attack, etc during a show/competition? Does the whole thing stop while you get help? Do you get to re-do the course or are you just eliminated? This is just a question purely from curiosity.

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Barked: Mon Mar 20, '06 6:03pm PST 
Hello Holly’s mom here
Holly is my service dog (seizure alert) and we also compete in Agility, obedience, rally and herding. I have had several seizures at shows. Luckily Holly warns me 2-5 minutes before a seizure (sometimes I have less time then that if I don’t pick up on Holly’s warning)
I was running an agility course once when Holly warned me, I was going to finish the course but Holly kept persisting that I go lay down. So I picked Holly up and walked out of the ring. As soon as I got to our set-up I had a seizure. I did not get to redo my run but luckily I did not have a seizure in the ring. A lot of the people at the shows know that I am epileptic and that when Holly warns me they know that they need to help me get to a safe place.
Hope that answered your question.
If you have any other questions feel free to ask

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Tiny and I do not do shows. He alerts me in advance if a seizure will occur. I did not train him for that; he just added it to his repotoire.

If there is going to be a seizure, I have enough time to get to my bed or to stop the vehicle. If I am in the vehicle, I pull off the road-turn off the vehicle- remove the keys-and crack the window.

Luckily, if I do lay down for about 10 minutes, I will be fine.