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My mom wants to find out more information about seeing eye dogs. She wants to write a book about a woman who becomes blind in an accident. Do any of you dogs know of any resources or a trainer who'd be willing to answer questions? Specifically, maybe one on Colorado who she could visit in person?

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I don't know about a place in Colorado, but here are some websites to check out: www.guidedogs.com, www.seeingeye.org, http://people.howstuffworks.com/guide-dog.htm

The first two are actual guide dog schools with lots of info about guide dogs, and the third one is just a pretty decent informative article. Hope this helps!
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Dogs that guide sight impaired people are called guide dogs, not seeing eye dogs. That's important to understand first and foremost. puppy

There are no guide dog schools in Colorado, but there are more then a dozen guide dog organizations in the US that could be contacted and I'm sure you'd find someone willing to be interviewed.

My guide dogs have all come from Guiding Eyes for the Blind (Yorktown Hts NY) and The Seeing Eye (Morristown NJ). There are a few schools in California (Guide Dogs of American, Guide Dogs for the Blind and Guide Dogs of the Desert) and one in Arizona (Eye Dog Foundation). There is a school in Tx (Guide Dogs of Texas), Michigan (Leader Dogs), Ohio (Pilot Dogs), Conneticut (Fidelco Guide Dogs) and a couple others in NY (Upstate Guide Dogs and Guide Dog Foundation). There are a couple other smaller schools as well, but the top three schools are The Seeing Eye, Guiding Eyes for the Blind and Guide Dogs for the Blind.

You can go to any of the above organizations' web sites (do a Google search) and get contact info. Any school would be willing to discuss their programs and guide dogs in general.

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I am being raised to be a Seeing Eye Dog. My mom can help try and answer any questions you may have from a puppy raisers point of view.

Feel free to send her a message. I am her 10th puppy.

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I am a Guide Dog for the Blind Puppy in Traing who lives in Denver. My folks have raised 6 puppies.I think they know a little about Guide Dogs.Maybe they can help or steer you in the right direction. Feel free to ask them what you want. If they don't know the answer, I'm sure some of their club members or Guide Dog family will.

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Each state has at least one approved facility. Here in Kansas it is located in Washington, KS. Check with your state.