advice for visiting non SD friendly family?

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Tiny- All Heart with a- Big Bark.
Barked: Thu Jan 5, '06 10:16am PST 
Your family members need to respect you and your SD. Your SD is your partner and they need to make space. When I visit my sister, all her kids, but one, are allergic to animals. Tiny is permitted to stay in the garage with the door to the house open so he can see that I am fine. OR if the weather is good, he sits outside the living room window watching me. When I visit my mother's house, he sits in the laundry/mud room where he can see me at all times. I think that sitting in a crate does not allow your SD to work. I hope your family will change!

If you need to visit your grandmother, bring someone with you that can sit with your SD while you visit.

Too many people do not yet realize the importance of the SD.
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