Mexico Trip w/sd

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Tena Lee Lee- (Service- Dog)

Disney Dog (SD)
Barked: Sat Dec 3, '05 10:43pm PST 
Hi, i just got back from a wonderful vaccation in ensenada mexico. We had a great time. We had hardly any access issues. Although we aren't protected by mexican law (because we aren't a guide dog team) we really didn't have any issues. I had a tag on her that explained what tena (SD) does in brief and most of the time they didn't even read that. We didn't go to any big mexican stores, but we did go to like costco and smart and final. Along with some small local stores and touristy areas. Last time i went down there we had some access issues, so we went to another store. One thing i did do that i think prevented a lot of problems or less questions upon arival is that i called certan places ahead of time and asked about their assistance dog access policys. That seemed to help a ton when we arrived they were in a way expecting us and didn't have a problem. We had a great trip, thanksgiving was wonderfull and we had a great time with my parents and tena got to play with her buddy kabic. Take Care ~ Nicki and Tena (SD)
Sabrina- 2000~2012

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Barked: Sat Dec 3, '05 11:32pm PST 

I've been thinking recently about how hard it would be to travel outside the US with Sabrina. I'm glad to know that things seemed to be OK in Mexico!

Glad you had fun!