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The Service and Therapy Dog forum is for all service and therapy dogs regardless of whether or not their status is legally defined by federal or state law, how they are trained, or whether or not they are "certified." Posts questioning or disputing a person's need for a service or therapy dog, the validity of a person's service or therapy dog, or the dog's ability to do the work of a service or therapy dog are not permitted in this forum. Please keep discussions fun, friendly, and helpful at all times.

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Sabrina- 2000~2012

To break- injustice we- must break- silence
Barked: Thu Dec 1, '05 6:55pm PST 
An attack vest?!?! What the heck is that? That lady surely is stupid!

All's well with the GL... so far so good! We haven't used the easy walk since.
Lily CGC- 2001-2014

Enjoying- Retirement
Barked: Wed Dec 14, '05 12:07pm PST 
I have a bad habit of slipping my gentle leaders off when mom isn't looking. In order for them to stay on she has to tighten them so tight I can't open my mouth very much. A while back she was suggested to get a snoot loop. She got one from the creators site for $15. It looks similar to a gentle leader only it has side straps that connect the nose part to the back making it almost impossible to remove. You can see what they look like here: http://www.snootloop.com/ Mom takes the extra bit of strap and slides it over and back through the adjustment straps so the won't slide. She also got me the black one which people don't always notice. She also keeps 2 spare gentle leaders in case she forgot mine or needs it for someone else. She got one used. My snoot loop also helps keep me on task. If I stop to smell something my mom reminds me not to and redirects me.
Xena *Warrior Princess*

The Lone Wolf.
Barked: Thu Dec 15, '05 5:38am PST 
Ye know Sabrina & Nolte, a sure am learnin' a hellava lot fae you guys!!!! A just lurv tae read aboot yer posts on Service dogs!!!

A never really new very much aboot it aw until a startes tae sniff aw yer posts, fank you fur sharing all the wunderwoofal information that ye do :0) Am just yer wee furry fan!!!!!!

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