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Barked: Fri Sep 27, '13 8:55am PST 
Is 7 or 8 yr considered senior? I have been saving to get her teeth worked on. I still need to make the choice of putting her under so the vets can work on her teeth. I am very scared to lose my baby.

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Barked: Fri Sep 27, '13 4:57pm PST 
For a small dog? No. I'd consider them more middle aged around 7/8 years old. 9/10 years old I'd start considering them as seniors. As long as your dog is in good health there really shouldn't be any problems having her teeth cleaned.

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Barked: Sat Sep 28, '13 11:44am PST 
hi- whats your name? mine is Lydia, im cocos mom-a 15/16 yrs old. my boy had his teeth done 2xs in 2005-4 teeth out and in 2009-11 teeth out. I tried putting a toothbrush in his mouth but did not like it. he bit me his entire life. I found him in a dirty lot with a note saying im homelf u can findess take me home with u. I did that and I took the bites and still loved him.if u can find what kind of anesthesia u can read all about it in the merck vet book. make sure staff is qualfied an monitor him. also I had an exg done because my boy was old. he also had a mct grade2 removed in 2009. I was nervous too only because of his age. then go out and buy a soft child toothbrush/ toothpaste- only dog paste not ours and start shoing off his shiny teeth. u can reply back to me at dogster under senior dog or pet health. I need a lot of tlc now. I give it to others I wish I get it back. Lydia-cocos mom.


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Barked: Sat Sep 28, '13 5:06pm PST 
one thing you can do is pay for the preop bloodwork. i did that with my own senior lass and frankly, it saved me a lot of money (but alas, no heartache). the bloodwork showed that she would not have pulled through the general anaesthetic needed to repair one cracked molar and remove another (some bright shining soul put a rod between her teeth then slapped up on her lower jaw, is the vet's best guess, judging from the appearance of the damage and subsequent damage to the lower jaw itself). her teeth were so bad, i made the ultimate call - dental pain is among the worst there is.

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Barked: Sat Sep 28, '13 7:39pm PST 
She is probably only middle-aged but your vet may consider her a senior. My vet considers any dog 8yrs+ a senior when it comes to anesthesia and if I don't want the pre-op blood work for a dog of that age then I would have to sign a waiver. I have always opted for the blood work regardless of my dog's age, though, just because it eases my mind.

Capone went under for dental work earlier this year and came through it alright (he was 12 at the time, almost 13). I'm glad I went through with it. But you have to make whatever decision feels best for you and your dog. I personally would much rather have done Capone's teeth at 7-8 years old rather than having to do them at 12 years old like I did.

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Barked: Wed Oct 2, '13 4:45pm PST 
I had my first cleaning at age 8. no trouble at all