Adequan for dog who can no longer walk.

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Pippi- *Waiting at- the Rainbow

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Barked: Sun Sep 22, '13 2:01pm PST 
Pippi is just shy of her sixteenth birthday and she can not use her back leg due to arthritis. Her front end works great just not the back. I carry her outside and then support her back end with a sling for potty time. She currently takes previcox. She also takes proin to help her hold her urine. She's slightly senile but otherwise very alert (when not sleeping) and spunky. She seems happy and doesn't appear to be in any pain. I wasn't even aware of adequan until couple of months ago. My question is whether adequan would be of any benefit to her. Her vet mentioned that her joints might be to deteriorated for it to work. I don't want to stress her out with weekly visits to the vet if the shots won't help her. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you!