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Rosey Belle- Stewart

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Barked: Wed Aug 14, '13 10:49am PST 
Hey guys! I haven't posted in forever. Anyway, my baby girl Rosey will be 6 her next birthday, which I understand to be like middle aged for small dogs. But I'm sad because she's starting to turn grey on her muzzle frown I know that when dogs get old that a lot of the time, they start losing control of their bladders, and sometimes bowels too. I've decided that if this happens to Rosey in the future that I'm gonna start diapering. I know some people put their dogs down when this happens. The way I see it, you don't put old people down when they lose control do you? No. Unless Rosey gets to where she's in pain, and has horrible quality of life, I won't do it. So I was just wanting to know what diapers are the best. I know they make disposable doggy diapers, and they also make washable doggy diapers that you put a pad in. I've also seen people put human baby diapers on their dogs and just cut a hole for the tail. So, I guess my question is for all of you who diaper or knows someone who does, are there any suggestion? Thanks!

Darci - Rosey's Mom

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Barked: Wed Aug 14, '13 9:19pm PST 
Google spoiled bratzwear she makes the best diapers! She has waterproof ones u can use and pads. That being said Chihuahuas can live a very very long time I've known 3 that lived past 18. And none of them lost control of their bladders. I have ordered many many outfits and collars from holly at spolied bratzwear and her stuff is very high quality.

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Barked: Thu Aug 15, '13 9:03am PST 
Small dogs typically live longer than larger dogs. I've also known many small dogs well over 15 - I currently know a Chi mix who is at least 18, based on when she was adopted. Going grey can happen at any age, much like humans. I know people in their 50's with barely any grey hair, and people in their 20's who are already completely grey.

Incontinence can happen, but I wouldn't worry about it too much. More often it isn't an issue.

Rosey Belle- Stewart

Mommy, let\'s- Snuggle!
Barked: Thu Aug 15, '13 9:45am PST 
Thanks Sandy for the suggestion! I'll google her. Thank you both for your responses! I was starting to wonder if anyone was going to respond. I know small dogs live a long time smile That's why I have small dogs. I have two chihuahuas, and a toy poodle. My aunt's chihuahua is 13 right now, and is going blind. In all her 13 years she's never been completely potty trained, and now that she's old, it's even worse. I've told them they might want to consider diapering her. But I'm happy to know that the greyness on Rosey's muzzle doesn't mean she's getting old. I guess it's just premature grey smile If anyone else has any more diaper suggestion, keep them coming!
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Barked: Fri Sep 13, '13 6:54pm PST 
Just an FYI...our chi Rufus is 18 and we've seen several seniors for adoption that are 17-20 years old and still going strong. Our chi Logan started going gray young but at 9, he's still just like a puppy. You should have lots of time before you have to worry about her golden years!

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I currently have 3 chihuahuas, 2 of them are Seniors. Rosie is 15 now, and overall her health is amazing. She still chases squirrels and plays hard with my grandchildren, and she is THE alpha dog in the house. Cheesie is 10 years old, has lots of grey hair, and the courage of a lion. He will put every ounce of his 3.2 lbs in between his Dad (my husband) and any perceived threat. He has to take medicine daily to control the pain he suffers from 2 ruptured discs in his spine. You can't even tell he has a problem as long as we don't miss a dose of his meds. Mollie is a new member of the family. My son gave her to me on Mother's Day this year. She is currently 5 months old.

Now that I've introduced everyone I will share my experiences with dog diapering. Rosie has become incontinent in the last few months. We have tried pretty much everything available as far as diapering her.

We started with the reusable ones that you have to insert a pad into. We found it quite difficult to insert the pad properly. It always seemed to bunch up in the middle or off to one side, depending on her activities and the position she laid down in. There were frequent leaks so we got some of the plastic "panties" that go over the diaper. It worked better, but she soon developed a rash and smelled unpleasantly of urine.

We moved on to the disposable dog diapers. After price comparisons we chose the OUT! brand available at Walmart. Our local store doesn't stock them, but you can purchase them online and have them delivered to your local store and avoid shipping costs. Unfortunately they run quite small. The size recommended for her weight were so small that she could not use them. We ordered the next size up and got a satisfactory fit. However, the adhesive on the fastening tabs is quite weak and the diapers continuously fell off. In order to keep them on we had to use duct tape over the adhesive tabs. This renders the diaper unusable for a second time if you want to remove it to let your dog go outside. It sure is exasperating to throw out a clean, dry diaper just because you can't refasten the tabs to keep it from falling off.

Next I tried the Simple Solutions brand. I read several good product reviews about them.I got the best price at Amazon. They run true to size and have reusable velcro tabs. They don't leak or fall off. You can reuse them if you want to take them off to let the dog outside. We plan to use the Simple Solutions brand from now on.

I neglected to order another package on time and we ran out before the new order arrived. My husband bought a package of human baby diapers to use until the dog diapers arrived. We had no luck at all trying to use them. After ruining a few by cutting the tail hole in the wrong place we finally managed to get one on Rosie. It was not shaped for a dog and fit quite awkwardly. Rosie was unable to walk normally with it on so she retreated to her bed and laid down. The diaper promptly ripped at the tabs and fell off.

I hope this info is helpful. smile