Senior dog and a new puppy

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Barked: Wed Jul 31, '13 9:20pm PST 
We just added a new puppy to the pack, a 5 mo old, 60 lb Rottie, named Makeda. She's made friends with Harley and we've started allowing carefully monitored interaction with Sophie. But my concern is Hershey.

Hershey is my 12 year old Akita mix. Her reaction to Harley and Sophie coming in was to bite them. They were both little babies. Makeda is right at Hershey's size, much faster and quite spastic right now. If Hershey were to snap and Makeda snap back, Im concerned that Hershey could get hurt.

So far (we got her Sun), they've met with Makeda on lead, and had interaction with Makeda crated or with them technically in different rooms with "daddy" in between, but no direct contact. Any advice on how to manage that???