lumbosacral disease

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Pooh Bear
Barked: Sat Jul 6, '13 6:40pm PST 
My Dusty is 10 years old. He's been having some limping issues the past few months and vet said it was knee pain. Gave me meds and told to keep an eye on him. Well he began to look stiffer to me and having trouble sitting, jumping and just looked uncomfortable the past week. Took him back to the vet, had to actually go to a new vet (long story, total mis -diagnosis and stupidity from Banfield) anyhow the vet diagnosed him as lumbosacral disease. He's now on Trimadol, Carprofin and Gabapentin. Hoping in 2 weeks he will seem better, if not x-rays and .....
Anyhow, I was looking into the Horgan Harness for him to take pressure off the back legs. Does anyone know anything about this harness?