Age Guessing?

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Barked: Tue Apr 23, '13 2:35pm PST 
After reading the thread on what constitutes a senior dog I was wondering what are signs of aging if the age is unknown. With Sophie she seemed to be an adult when we adopted her. The only clue to her age at all is the vet saying she has perfect teeth. I would imagine that means she isn't exactly elderly now.

But she has slowed down, but not really...It's just the first years between her fears and high energy she was just gogogo on walks. Now she walks more in pace with me. It's possible that she's just bonded so well that she walks more like a "normal" dog now. Her last checkup was in November and everything was fine.

It's possible too that I'm comparing her to Callie. We don't know his age either but it's been suggested he still has puppy teeth. He also moves amazingly fast for his build. If she's at least five years or so older it's natural she would be a bit slowed down right? Some reassurance please?dog walk
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Well "perfect" teeth coudl be a combination of many things. I mean do you know where she came from? It is possible that she'd had a teeth cleanign before.

The pound swore up and down jake was a 2 year old dog when i picked him up and adopted him. Jake never had a single issue for the Terrible 2s dogs espeically beagles can go through. And when i took him to my private vet they said jake was closer to 3 or 4. So jake is somewhere in the realm of 4-6 now. I tell people he's 4 and a total goof ball.

Sweetie's age was gestimated at about 7 and come to be told by the vet based on her body composition and teeth (darn those teeth were nasty) she was probably 10.

Age is just a number big grin As long as they want to pick up and go age is really irrelevent.

if your dog is starting to slow down suppliment with Glucosamine. I added that stuff to Sweetie's food and she's bouncing all the walls like Jake does. She's jumping off beds and runninga round the dog park even chasing jake sometimes. People often tell me she's upbeat and lively for 10 and she moves better then some bassets half her age.

So teeth can be an indicatior but i'd just go with thatever the vet told you.

Age is just a number ;D dancing Trust me I adopted a senior citizen big grin

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Yeah, general slowing down is a normal part of dogs aging. It's a gradual process though. If there is a sudden and very obvious decrease in activity i'd probably have the dog checked over at the vets, just to rule out any other problems, such as arthritis or joint pain of any kind etc. But it's not unusual for a dog over 5 years old to slow down a bit and become more mellow.


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At age 8 Sabs vet said she had the best teeth he'd ever seenlaugh out loud
Signs of age can be affected by many things. At 10 Bud is in the best shape of his life and still easily gets over a six foot fence. The only changes I've noted are he sleeps a bit more and it's harder to keep him lean.