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My 13 year old Australian Shepherd is the love of our family's lives. She is the only dog we've ever had as a family and for me and my husband individually. Lucy has very bad arthritis in her hind quarters and extreme muscle loss. The vet has put her on painkillers and arthritis medicine. I know she isn't going to get significantly better--collapses periodically & can't get up without assistance. The last 3 months she has started going to the bathroom in the house, even when I'm sitting right next to her. She's now deaf, sometimes barks at family members, and paces at night for hours. She's just not herself anymore although she does have a good day here and there that makes me think, we've got lots of time left with her....This is all just breaking my heart and other than loving her, can you all recommend anything to make her remaining time with us as comfortable as possible?
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I sounds like your already are doing everything you can. Just pay attention to her and love her. Maybe give her a cushy bed and put throw rugs down on any wood of tile floors, so she has traction when she walks. Good Luck with the time you have left with her. smile

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