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Not sure if this goes here but i'll try to make it relevant
My first dog died last night and she was 13. We took her to the vet a week earlier though and she was doing just fine, I suppose it was her time. She waited for us it seems though since yesterday was the first day home from vacation and I made sure to say hello. She was a really great dog and im so happy she lived to be so old.
Any tips for overcoming a loss? The last time a pet died(well presumed dead, they ran away) was when I was just 8 but they never touched my life as much as jewlsie had

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hughughughughughug and our depest sympathies on your loss. The only advice I can give you is let yourself grieve.Losing a beloved pet is like losing anyone else you love. It is okay to cry,rant,yell,or whatever you need to do to get through it. You obviously loved her and she I know loved you as well.
Know too that there are many here who have been through what you are going through and we will be here if you need us for an e-hug,someone to listen to you or to help in any way we can. What you are going through is normal and difficult. Please also take a minute to post this in the memorials and support forum so that others can see it and maybe chime in with some kind words or more helpful advice.hugwishes to you during this difficult time.
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I agree with Mika & Kai. You need to give yourself some time. hughughughughughughughughughug

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Ah that must have felt horrible, but any ways life have to move on. Give your self more time i will agree with MIKA & KAI too....
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It IS grieving... how you work your way through it is up to the way you deal with grief. We put down our previous dog, Nestle, at 14 y.o. I made her a scrapbook; wrote her a poem; and went on walks that we used to take together. I shared stories, and laughed and cried with the family. It took me more than a year to get ready for another dog. My son, who was Nestle's dad before joining the Marines, made a shadow box of some pics, her titles and her collar. She was a wonderful, quirky creature... and we were there for her at the end. In that, believe it or not, I take great comfort.

hughughug Laugh and cry and remember hughughug