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Selective pottying problem

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Penny, I- Miss You- Sooo Much

Barked: Mon Jul 23, '12 8:29pm PST 
I have a 14 yr old Min Pin named Penny. She's always had problems with anxiety, reactivity, agitation. I did some training with her, some behavioral modification, for some of the things. The seperation anxiety required meds & a companion. And we were good to go. Until...

My mom moved near where I work. So I leave my 2 dogs with my mom while I am working. I am gone about 5 hrs. Penny never pottied indoors at my apartment. But when I leave her with my mom, making sure she's pottied before I leave & my mom giving her a potty break while I'm gone, Penny has been having poo & pee accidents. We wanted to be sure it was her, so I got her a diaper to wear while I was gone. She goes in it. But never at home.
She has been to the vet recently for signs of canine cognitive dysfunction...especially at my mom's house. Getting lost in corners, increase anxiety, waking me up several times through the night & not needing anything, etc.
So, is it just that my mom's house is not part of her familiar life and so she doesn't behave as though it isn't even indoors? My mom said that at first she would come and get her, which she does for me, by whining and poking my leg, but my mom said she has stopped doing this.
I don't think it is incontence because we go home the same day and everything is back normal. My vet thought the fact that at my place I have to take her on a leash, but at my mom's it is a yard, so maybe Penny doesn't understand she's been out to pee & I should take her on a leash to potty to keep the same routine.
Any help? I'm supposed to move in with my mom in a month.
Penny, I- Miss You- Sooo Much

Barked: Mon Jul 23, '12 10:22pm PST 
I just had an idea. Penny mainly sleeps the whole time I am away and she is at my mom's. What seems to happen is she wakes up and potties in my mom's house. I think she may be waking up and confused about where she is and what to do. I have a nice crate I haven't been using & can take to my mom's and maybe she could put it in her work room. This way she can keep a better eye on her & Penny won't be able to wake up and wander. There is a possibility it could make her anxious, but I can spray the lavender oil and have her familiar things in it, things that smell like me. I can get some washable bed pads that on hospital beds for in case she goes in there.
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Barked: Tue Jul 24, '12 5:23am PST 
Sometimes when dogs have a major change, such as moving, like she did, they start having some behavioral problems, which sometimes includes potty problems. I think the crate is a good idea. Her problem will probably disappear when you move in. Good Luck!