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Barked: Thu Apr 19, '12 9:32am PST 
My American Eskimo dog is 13 years old as of last Saturday. I was wondering what types of things I could do to make her life easier? She has a pet bed for arthritic dogs, as well as a set of doggy steps to make it into my bed at night. The bed is two feet high, and she can no longer make the jump.
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Callie is 12 this year. I have come to the conclusion that she can do whatever the heck she wants(within reason of course), she does not have to go to agility(if she does not want to), she does not have to go hiking(if she does not want to) and she is allowed to be persnikety and hog the sofa and the bed and if she does not want to wake up early, that is ok too. She is not allowed to be snarky and nasty but she has earned the right to be the Queen. She is fed first, has first dibs on the spot on the bed at night and the spot on the pile of pillows, dog beds? not for Callie, she says she is way above dog beds, thank you very much. There are things she does not like that ha to be done, brushing her teeth, getting baths, etc but for the most part her everyday life is whatever she wants it to be, she has earned the right and who am I but her lowly servant to allow her thatsmile

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I leave a light on at night to help with fading eyesight for those late night drink breaks.
I also make sure that stairs and steps are securely blocked off as she is a bit of a stumble bum now.
Like Callie, Sabs is allowed to be a bit of a B now. No snarking or snapping but I do bend the rules and understand that she may choose to do things her way not mine anymore.