it's so hard to see my dog age

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My sweet mixed breed 50 lb. dog is now 16 years 7 months old and suffering from a variety of conditions e.g. arthitis, torn ACL, semi-blindness and deafness, cancerous bladder tumor. She is starting to have difficulty just standing and lying down and losing her appetite. It is heartbreaking for me to see her struggle. I have her on prescribed meds for her joints, pain and tumor and have modified my house to keep her comfortable. She has always been a happy-go-lucky, active dog but now she's been whining, moaning and even growling if I try to help her to her bed, or just get up from where she's collapsed. Any advice or thoughts on interventions I haven't tried would be appreciated!
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Hi there...it sounds like you are doing the best to make the most of her life. It's never easy to see our senior pets become older and sometimes deal with ailment after ailment. What we want most for them as they become older is to find things that still bring out happiness and tail wagging.

I personally think that the growling and whining could be a sign she's uncomfortable, in pain, sensitive, especially if that's not typical of her behavior. The aches, the pains...it's heart breaking to see as our pets get older. It sounds like you are working with your vet too. You may want to share what's happening. Maybe a change in medication, or an increase.

The important thing is giving your beautiful girl the best quality of life and it sure seems you are giving it your best shot. She's depending on you...she knows you will do right for her and make the best decisions possible for her care.

Those decisions are also very personal. We are here if you would like to chat...in the meantime, give your baby a hug from the dogster gang cloud 9hug

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Well said!! We were trying to find the right words to answer? this post. As Scooter said it sounds like you are working with your vet to do the right thing and talking over these new concerns may call for a change in treatment. After that you will have to make decisions for her because you are her voice and she trusts you to do what's right.hughughugwishes We also will be here if you need someone to lean on. The only thing I will add is enjoy every moment you can,they are precious.