How many older dogs wander off to die alone to spare their humans the pain of seeing them die?

Share advice for keeping your aging dog happy and healthy

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Barked: Mon Jan 30, '12 5:47am PST 
I have heard of and seen many cats wander off to die usually because they are typically solitary animals and do not want to be vulnerable to other predators while weak. That seems to be their instinct.Dogs on the other hand typically seek out trusted companionship. Farm dogs are probably along the lines of cats because they typically are not close human companions and live outdoors on their own to do their work therefore having a less human dependent bond,I really don't know. This is supposed to be a beloved family pet. Toto,I hope she did make a run for itbig laugh After this incident as I said I will no longer answer posts to advise this person as Charlie said we all just seem to be wasting our time with this person. Maybe we should all allow them to take their drama elsewhere?
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Barked: Mon Jan 30, '12 6:25am PST 
Amen Dahlia. As devastated as I am over the recent loss of Shane, it would have been 10 times worse had he wandered off into the woods leaving me worried and searching, wondering if he was lost or hurt. I'm heartsick over his departure, but so grateful he came to my side allowing me the opportunity to say good-bye.

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I'd like to know how Maggie got out? In her profile pic and 2 others she seems to have a heavy chain around her neck and is tied up? Another poster said that cats are known to run away to die. That I believe from my past experiences with my in door-out door cats. But dogs, NOOOOO!!!! My dogs that were sick and new something was wrong were by my side until the day. Almost as though they were trying to confort me instead of themselves.

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