When do the white hairs come? Help me with my dogs age.

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Topps Sumo's- Sunshine, CGC- ThD
Barked: Sun Jan 15, '12 7:42pm PST 
Sunny just turned 6 last week & we've been finding white on his muzzle & mostly chin for months now. Magee is 9, is diabetic & has glaucoma, they both have the same coat (dark brindle), Magee's father is Sunny's grandfather. They're both bullmastiffs, a breed not known for longevity. Magee doesn't have a spot of white on her yet. Go figure.

Cold Nose, Warm- Heart ♥
Barked: Mon Jan 16, '12 11:09am PST 
I think it's safe to say that white fur is SOOOO unpredictable! thinkingbig laugh

Siri- 16 and your Mom got grey hair! Wowee! Well that's a very distinguished look! wink Works for George Clooney!

laugh out loud "Loki's soul patch" big laugh

Love seeing all these cute white faces!

cheer White faced puppies rule cheer
Jax (earned- her wings- 5/30/12)

Give me your- toy.
Barked: Tue Jan 31, '12 5:30pm PST 
Jax & Kali got their white hairs when they were 3.


Sugar Girl
Barked: Thu Apr 5, '12 6:32pm PST 
Sugar started getting her white hairs at 7

Hello, I Love- You
Barked: Sat Jun 23, '12 7:38am PST 
Morrison is only three and has white hairs on his snout. He has had them since he was a year old.
Samoa SunnyBear Bell

Happy Boy!
Barked: Sat Jun 23, '12 9:02am PST 
Samoa started getting a gray muzzle when he was two.

He often claims to be older than four, so he can date cougars.
Bruno CGC

Honorary Kelpie
Barked: Sat Jun 23, '12 12:19pm PST 
laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud Samoa. This thread is kinda old, but I don't mind posting on it because I think this topic tends to come up regularly anyway.

Sampson started greying at about 4 years old, Bruno around 3, but neither one is very obvious yet (you can't even see Bruno's white hairs unless you look really close, and he is almost 5). I don't know if they'll be totally white-faced ever, or just grey-muzzled in old age.

Love me.
Barked: Sat Jun 23, '12 3:16pm PST 
I agree the white hairs may be stress related; you even see that in humans, normally when you grow older your hair turns gradually white, but in times of great stress, some people's hair have turned white overnight! A dog's age is normally determined by the teeth, a vet may be able to help you with that.

Btw, I am happy to hear Kiki is from Taiwan! My sister currently lives in Taiwan; she just got a Rough Collie, her name is Tasha!

blue dog

eta, it's only a couple months old..well, 5 or 6...but that doesn't qualify it as zombie post yet I would think.laugh out loud

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(retired)min- ister misty

be calm, dont- worry!
Barked: Mon Jun 25, '12 12:55am PST 
there is no age for white hairs...some dogs get white young...some are 15 and have none...white hairs doesn't says anything about senior ages....it's how the body responds...if it is still healthy
senior issues mostly come with old age diseases,not white hairsshrug
Natasha - 美花- ~Beautiful- Flower~

Let's play tag!- You're it!
Barked: Mon Jun 25, '12 3:26am PST 
I think posts turn into zombies after nobody posts for one year... wink hehe!

Anyway I'm posting because I was mentioned and because yay you're from Taiwan!! cheer happy dance Love the photos of Kiki, they're adorable! way to go

Also, the guy we got Tasha from told us she was 2 years old, but the vet we took her to looked at her teeth and said she was 4 years old. But she's been eating nasty dog food her whole life and her teeth are pretty bad, so I'm not really sure if that's a good indicator or not. thinking
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