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I got a bischon mixed breed dog from the pound. Its been crated and tied up a lot. I cannot break her of peeing all over the place. I scold her when she does it and put her outside. Ive tried almost everything. Please help!! Thanks
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thinkingit can be all kinds of things...
she is from the pound and it could be that she is traumatized and that it causes a pee pee issue..
it is knows insecure dogs can pee in the house.
you should also keep age in consideration...
if the dog is an older dog,it can be a senior issue
and ofcourse a trip to the vet is a good idea
a dog pee issue can have medical causes....
so i think a talk with your vet is the best option..
being angry at the dog will not help.
an animal doesn't understand why you are angry,they just see that you are angry and that is enough to put their tail between their legs.
pound dogs always carry bagage on their shoulders and they have emotional trauma many times...
so try to understand her and and she is also in a new home...
maybe he is a bit insecureshrug
and try to walk her ,a dog needs to be outside and potty there...
if a dog is crated a lot,they can't potty train...
they need to train outside with a loving handhug

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How old is your dog? Have you had it checked for health problems that could be part of the problem? How long have you had her/him? Did you do any research on Bichons? Some breeds of dogs can take longer to housebreak than other and some can be much more difficult than others,that's why I ask this. Are Bichons as a breed prone to marking territory? I would love to try to help but it is very difficult to make a suggestion/offer advice on the limited information given. Please help us and other Dogsters to help you with a little more information. Thank-you.


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Does she go in her crate or just when you let her out or is it all the time?

Take her to the vet since it could be some degree of incontinence from her spay surgery. There is a little pill that in most cases fixes the issue.

It's a frustrating thing but it's rarely an impossible situation.